For some folks , women playing football is a controversy. While
respecting the views of everyone, may we simply state that it isn't for us.
The women who play football don't want to challenge men's football in
any way, they simply love the game in the same way as the men and
boys who play it. (The one exception to this may be the gals who play in
the Gender Bowl.)

Think about it, after decades of families taking their little girls to see
brothers, cousins and other relatives play, doesn't it stand to reason that
at some point little girls would grow up to desire playing amongst
themselves? The next time you go to a high school or pee wee game
look amongst the little boys who are running around behind the scenes
playing an impromptu game. You'll almost always see a little girl playing
with them. And even if she isn't allowed to, she may be standing at her
parents side looking longingly at the boys who are.  In either scenario,
she's having
her love of the game nurtured, isn't she?

Now, reasonably, some express concern because of differences in
women anatomically and the challenge of them getting adequate
protective gear.  Truth be told, it seems that in the past female players
were on their own with each one fashioning padding to suit their own
But that is changing .

Fortunately, as interest in the sport has grown  more companies are
moving to provide the
equipment to suit women's needs.   

Might we add, without controversy, that there was a time when men
played this sport with a leather cap and no face mask. However because
of due diligence, equipment designs were continuously improved to
where things are today.

The point is that just as the men's gear has evolved,
likewise, the women's will also. Think about it, there was a time when
women weren't allowed to be police officers, firefighters,astronauts and a
host of other things. In each of these areas, when given the opportunity,
they've excelled. Given these facts can  anyone doubt that women's
football will be any different?

So what we're saying is give them a chance, we're sure that you'll be
pleasantly surprised !!!