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Atlanta Xplosion Vs New York Sharks
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So what is it like inside of women's football?

If you mention women's football to some folks
they immediately envision scantily clad women
playing in the lingerie bowl.  
Not here!!!
The women who play this brand of football
love it in it's purest form with all of the
and bruises that come with it.

Once folks realize that these ladies are quite  
serious about their pigskin most want to know
what the level of play is within the women's
game. First  the level of raw emotion which
these gals play this game at is unbelievable !

Now the heightened emotion is closely
matched by their athleticism, commitment and
tenacity. You can bet there's no powder puff
football going on here!    Still doubt it?

Take a look inside >>>>>>>>>
Take A Look Inside Of Women's Football
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It's been a while since we covered women's football ........
Last Saturday we were able to get out to Staten Island to cover our
old friends,
The New York Sharks !!!  Actually, we had a double visit with The

The first one came on Saturday as we covered the 5th annual all
girls football camp
but that's another story.

Sunday's game was against Philadelphia's Liberty Belles. For both
Teams this game was a must win. With Philly having been beaten
by the Sharks earlier in the season, they sent a clear message to
the finned ones that they'd come to win.  For a good portion of the
game the Belles either matched or led the game. But in dramatic
fashion the Sharks lurched ahead on a pass play which was nearly
broken up with just over seven minutes left in the game.
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While we're turning our attention to women's football here's a flashback to the 2009 game between the New York Sharks and the Pittsburgh Passion.
After a half hour game delay due to lightening concerns the contest resumed with the Sharks prevailing over the Belles who have a tradition of playing
no-quit football .
Game Shots have been posted!    After both teams dried off from the monsoon which consumed the last 5 minutes of the game, they met for the
traditional after party at Big Nose Kate's Saloon; those
after party shots have been posted too !
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There's just something about women's football that is so captivating to cover. You can bet that there's never a dull
moment and there's always a new surprise lurking just around the next corner. On Saturday The New York Sharks played
their last Game of the 2011 season against the play-off bound
D.C.Divas.  The Divas ultimately bested the finned ones in
a game which had some real collisions . While D.C.  played pretty much
Sharks,Divas And Good-Byes  
Solid ball throughout the game the Sharks were initially a little inconsistent  but stepped things up in the third and    
fourth quarters. Two men, who'd never seen women play football were giddy with excitement after the game. They were
regretting the fact that they'd shown up late on a whim and wished that they'd seen the whole game. You can bet that
they'll probably be in the stands  next seasons!  The side lines were loaded with a healthy dose of retired Shark Alumni
with some even  talking about coming back next season!  But like we said, there's always an unexpected surprise  to
keep you on your toes . It seems that six key players and administrative staff who are retiring next season. Of course,
everyone wants to know what will become of the organization. Well, don't fret, the team have plans well in hand to ensure
that women's football will continue to be played in the New York tri-state area.
In the meantime,we've posted shots
from the game !
Sharks Vs Freedom      
Women's  And Football ???
It’s always great to see a team develop and keep traditions,
whatever they may be. It’s especially touching when you visit
them and find that they’re still following the same traditions even
years later. This was certainly the case as we dropped into see
the ladies of the New York Sharks women’s football team. The
Sharks hosted the game against their north east rivals,
Boston Militia.
Now, we’d certainly like to think that the veteran players, who are “still doing it”, are another major reason for all the positives in Sharkville. One of those
veteran players would certainly include
Darleen “Blue” Hall  Phenomenally Darleen has been playing for 13 years and is still a standout athlete. Not only has
Darleen set the on-field example for her teammates by doing her talking with the pads but she is apparently an of the field inspiration as evidenced by the
post-game cheers she received from her teammates. Another Veteran who is “still doing it” step for step is
Yatia Hopkins.
Yatia is a hard-nosed defender who loves to get in the face of any offense on any day. When she comes off the field with her pistons still smoking, you can
only feel sorry for whatever small animal that she ran into because she simply hits something hard on every defensive play of the game. Win lose or draw,
she’s one of those unsung heroes who’s sure to stay in the thick of things.

These lessons certainly aren't  being lost on the rookies; they certainly aren't being lost on Krystal Molina who had a phenomenal game!  
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The Sharks have historically been a close team which almost
always plays with one mind. Over the years remarkable to see
the way players work together to get the job done, especially
when unexpected things happen during game play. While a
good number of the faces are new to us it was good to see that
the spirit of unity is alive and well in the land of the finned ones.
Of course a lot of credit has to be doled out any time a team
has a great atmosphere and the whole organization from top to
bottom gets kudos for that.
traditionally always brought with them a certain ruggedness no matter what the score board said and this
team was no different. There’s no doubt that this year’s squad is a force to be dealt with in the league.
Interestingly , the Militia have two former Sharks suiting up with them at this time. It was good to see that
Shana Segers and Adrianne Smith, both of whom have some memorable moments on the Sharks highlight
reels, are also still playing the game.  Adrianne, in particular, remains as fleet footed as the first day we shot
her. The Militia are also a team with strong bonds, bonds which have clearly been made stronger after the
recent terrorist bombing up in Boston. The team stands tall with pride and determination with helmet stickers
which are emblazoned with the words “Boston Strong” because  strong is what they all are in so many ways!
While the women’s game is still going through the growing pains, it’s good to see the ladies do everything they possibly can to help grow
the sport. It’s good to see experienced players nurture younger players and spur them on to be their best. It’s good to see retired players
doing what they can to support the growth of the women’s football. And it’s good to see players with some serious longevity on the grid iron
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Judging by the way it began, 2005 was a great year for the New York Sharks. While other teams within
their league were collecting dust on their uniforms, the Sharks were out setting out setting new records.
The Date was January 2, 2005; The New York Giants were playing their final 2004 season game at home
against their archrivals, The Dallas cowboys. When the whistle blew for halftime about half of the 60,000
New York and New Jersey fans headed for the restrooms or the concession stands at Old Giants Stadium.

Just as the last of the men players stepped off the field the tunnel erupted with a loud whistle and flashes
of light blue and black jerseys streaked onto the field. Yes, The New York Sharks were about to do
something which most male high school players never ever get a chance to do: Run a live team
scrimmage on the field of Giants Stadium!

Now, tri state area fans are a fair but tough crowd and it takes something noteworthy to get their attention.
So it was amazing to see crowds of Giants fans literally stop and stare in fascination as they walked up the
aisles. Pat Brown, the Sharks announcer provided live commentary for the crowd in his usual dynamic
voice as the Sharks quickly took the field and Kicked off the ball. The crowd was absolutely wowed as the
women players went at each other full steam. Val Halesworth quarterbacked one squad and Team owner
Andra Douglas manned the other squad. You can count on the Sharks to leave no doubt about their
abilities and the crowd was totally convinced about those abilities as the Ladies began to toss a solid
number of passes. The Sharks were so electric that they kept the masses totally enraptured for nearly 10
At the end of play the whole stadium erupted as the team gathered to leave the stadium while waving wildly to the crowd. It was a once in a life time experience for those hardworking
ladies to be able to play at the north east mecca of NFL football. You can bet that those gals were walking on air as they returned to the dressing old stadium’s bubble. As if that wasn’t
enough, the ladies were given an extra treat when former Giant great, Harry Carson, stopped by for some photos and autographs!  

Yep, it was a great night for everybody involved, it was a historic night. After all, how many times have you seen Sharks at the stadium???

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There’s a whole lot to be said about the longevity of
women’s football. Back in the summer of 2005
The IWFL Championship game was taking place on
the east coast up in Manchester, New Hampshire. The
stars who stepped onto center stage to battle it out
were the dynamic Atlanta Xplosion and The
Sacramento Sirens.  .  

After years of getting knocked out of the box, The
lanta" natives were only too proud to have fought their
way to the Big Show. They were certainly looking to
travel back to Georgia with the championship belt in
tow. Oddly enough The Xplosion won their berth by
beating league nemesis,The New York Sharks.   In the
past, it had been The Sharks who'd knocked the
Xplosion out of playoff contention on more than one
occasion .
But when Georgia stepped off the bus in New York for that match in 2005 it was clear from the start that this was a stronger
Georgia Team  than the Sharks were accustomed to playing. There were new athletes, an even more resolute attitude and a
different outcome. The out come : Atlanta 3.......  New York 0....
On this day,there was
blood in the water and it belonged to the Sharks.

With that win under their belt the Gals from the peach state headed  further north to Manchester in search of just one more

As for the Sirens,they arrived fresh off of a solid season of wins . They'd  been to the winners circle more than once and were
actually the defending league champions. The west  coast is known for producing top notch athletes  and the trait certainly
carries over to women's football because the Sirens showed up in prime form. Of course, everyone expects a championship
to be a slug fest and that's exactly what the game was.

In the end Sacramento held sway over Atlanta and took the crown home for another year. Of course there were hugs, tears
and kudos on both sidelines.
 It was a great end to a great season in women's football.
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In one of the more recent email's which we have received,  a site visitor said, “It’s never too late to create a new
memory with an old image.”

Well spoken, we heartily agree. It’s with that in mind that we take a look back to 2005 at a tough match up between
The Rhode Island Intensity and the visiting New York Sharks. First off, Intensity was a very accurate name to describe
the gals who hail regions northeast of New York City. While Intensity is a perfect adjective to describe all of the women’
s football we’ve ever covered, the Rhode Island team had that particular quality in Spades!

This game, which was played on May 14, was a road game for the Sharks. So they had to shuffle north up route 95
for the coin toss. Spring can be a funny time of the year, especially when winter hasn't fully released its icy grip on the
weather. So, while the sun did make some occasional appearances, there was a definite chill in the air.  Truth be told,
the weather was more like a fall day which was perfect for playing this game.  

Now while the intensity had a relatively nice sized crowd, the Sharks had a comparatively nice number of fans who
made the trek northbound to give their support.

The fact is that this was a very lopsided game with the Sharks dominating most of the game. Yet once you got past
the scoreboard, one couldn’t help but to be amazed at the way the Intensity played the game. Coaches constantly
teach their players to play hard, from whistle to whistle. That’s just how Rhode Island played this game. These ladies
ran every play with all of the heart and hustle that comes from playing the game with pride. We were truly amazed to
see that they played hard literally right up to the very last whistle of the game!
Game shots have been posted
Rhode Island Vs Sharks- By  The Quarter Coverage
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