Terms Of Use
Anyone may right click and copy any of the photos on this site as long as they agree to the following:

All agree that this is a free photo-based publication. It is being provided as a community service .

1)  Photos may only be used for personal use-
No commercial use what so ever is allowed
. So,while you are able to print our images on your home
printer, no commercial 0r professional printer may print our images. In keeping with this you cannot  have
our images printed by Wall mart, Kodak or at the local drug store. Our images may not appear on any
You also agree and acknowledge that we perpetually retain  the right to determine what
specific uses are barred for whatever reasons we choose.
The photos may  be viewed, printed or shown
electronically but only in their entirety without any alteration other than enlargement.  Photos may be resized as long
as photo is displayed in it's entirety. No commercial printer(s) may print any of the photos or graphics which originate
from this site in any form or format. Doing so violates our copyrights and will result in legal action being brought
against the printer as well as the person or persons initiating the violation. Again, You may print copies of the same on
personal  home printers for personal use only.

2)  In taking and using our images you agree that we solely reserve the right to determine what is and what is not
commercial, acceptable or unacceptable use. No Website may post or display any of our content ( including images)
on web any pages  which we determine exist chiefly or solely for the purpose of providing content on pages which do
not provide useful content to be qualified as a personal web page or search engine.

3)  Altering or obscuring our marks or copyrights on our images is a direct violation of our copyrights and subjects the
offending parties to legal fees for such violations.

4)  Our content may not be placed on pages  or sites by persons or entities  for the purpose of providing purpose of
generating advertising income.In using our images you acknowledge  that we alone reserve the right which sites or
web pages violate this aspect of the terms. The  images on this site are to be enjoyed by the persons in them  as well
as their friends and family. Nevertheless, we always reserve the right to issue a take down order to persons for
whatever reason we choose to sites or entities  who we believe are violating the intended uses of our images. In
copying and using our images you agree that a take down order received by us will be honored by you and you
further agree that upon your  failure to do so within 24 hours you  will be liable to for an amount of no less than 500.00
for your misuse of our images.   Any site or person which obscures our marks or watermarks is in immediate violation
of these terms and immediately liable for a minimum of 500.00 for misuse/abuse of our images

5)  Take down orders: If questions arise over image use , we and we alone have the right to determine what uses are
unacceptable. If your website does not what we consider to be a reasonable connection or justification for putting our
images on it we reserve the right to demand a take down order. Failure to take down our images will result in a
minimum liability of 250.00 per image per day to you. In taking, copying or using  our images you acknowledge that we
alone reserve the right to determine which sites or uses violate this term and that we reserve the right to request
images be taken down for any reason we determine without providing any reason to you at all.

6)  As part of your use of our images you also recognize and agree that upon notification you will remove the images
from your web pages within 24 hours. You agree that your failure to do so will subject you to billing and other legal
measures. You also agree that any violations that we determine are egregious  will result in your receiving a take
down order as well as being billed,simultaneously.

7)  You also agree in using our images that If we determine that you are not a bona fide search engine providing what
we consider to be viable and useful information to your site's visitors and place our content on your pages you are
violating the above mentioned terms. If notified that you are violating our copyrights and you do not take down our
content within 24 hours you will be billed for use. If you do not remit the amount in full we will turn the matter over to
our attorneys.  You agree that you are legally responsible for any and all amounts and damages we bill you for. You
agree that obscuring or hiding your ownership of the violating site does not now or ever relieve you your heirs or
assigns of the financial and legal burden your actions have placed upon you both now and in the future until the mater
is resolved.

7a)  While these images may be placed on personal web pages or web spaces, no other person or entity
has any rights or claims whatsoever in these images.  No person whatsoever or entity nor their heirs and
assigns has the right to alter, relicense, or create derivatives from our images.

8)  No person or persons has the right to place our images on web pages or web spaces which we deem exists purely
or chiefly for the purpose of generating income from affiliate marketing.  We and we alone reserve the right to
determine which pages violate this term. Upon notification from us you have 24 hours to remove our images from your
site before we pursue licensing fees. Further, if you place our images on your site but present them in a manner which
attempts to obscure or hide out byline or name you will be immediately liable of copyright infringement and we will bill
you for  ten times the maximum fee as determined by  Foto Quote
TM.  Your use of our images signifies your
acceptance of these terms.  

9)  Again,individuals may place our images unaltered on personal web pages as outlined above. However no one may
produce our content in any form by means of a commercial provider in or on any product. Individuals may print or
produce our images at home only for their personal use. They may not sell  the products they create in any way as
this would be  a violation of these terms.  No entity ( including educational or quasi educational organizations )  may
produce or cause the production of any quantities of products containing our content for sale or for the purpose of
giving them away or for fund raising without proper written licensing and permission from us.

10)   The photos  can be shown without alteration on personal web spaces, personal web pages, personal web
galleries as long as they appear in their entirety.  These photos may also be shown on any news /editorial website
which chooses to do so but only if the photos are being shown unaltered in their entirety with credit being given to
FOOTBALLSHOOTERS.COM- failure to do so is considered  illegal use.  It is further understood that by taking these
photos no site or person may use these photos in connection with any commercial use. It is further understood that
individuals and entities  who take and or receive these photos and misuse them agree to pay all legal costs
associated with doing so ,including ours. This includes legal actions which we bring against anyone whom we believe
violates these terms of use in any way. In taking any of the photos posted on this site you also agree to pay legal fees
for actions brought about by any third party as a result of your actual or alleged misuse of photos which you acquired
from this site.

11)   If you do not agree to these terms do not take any photos from this site. Once you take any of these photos you
are bound by these terms as are any parties to whom you give or share any of these photos with in any way.

It is further understood that if we request that a person or entity cease taking photos from this site for any reason
which we choose they will immediately stop taking photos and destroy all copies of photos which they in any way have.

12)  By your use of these images you agree that  you acknowledge that these photos are copyrighted materials
and that they are being granted a limited personal use license .You also agree that the copyright, power to determine
who may or may not use the content (including images) remains solely ours. You also agree that your ignorance of
these terms does not release you from them or their ramifications.

Again, under no circumstances may any of the images be used for any commercial purpose(s) whatsoever.

13)   These terms are subject to change and or alteration only by us. Any changes we make in our terms of use also
apply retroactively to photos which were taken prior to the change in terms.

14)  In using any of the photos on this site you acknowledge that  all materials on this site are copyrighted, only
photos may be used elsewhere in accordance with the above mentioned terms. In using these images you agree that
is any parts of these terms are found to be unenforceable then you agree to be bound by the remaining parts of the
contract as well as the adjusted terms which will replace any unenforceable portions of these terms.
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16)   We will post photos of you which we've taken from the games but we'll do it differently than we do for the boys.
Your photos will be in a
password protected gallery so that only the cheering squads have access. If anyone wants
to gain access to cheering photos they must contact the respective cheering coordinator or the squad captains.

17)   We cannot give any passwords to anyone via email since we have no way to confirm anyone's identity online.