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QUARTER METERS  are just a new easy-to-use format which will allow you to search through our images to find the shots
that you want. Since we often provide a large number of images for the games and events we cover, it can be hard for site
visitors to keep track of what shots they've seen and which shots they haven't

So we decided to present at lease some of the images to you in a way which the game is played, in quarters.
QUARTER METERS will work pretty simply .

Since the game is played in four quarters we decided to generally break the photo galleries up into four quarters as well.
Usually, any game which we cover will have images from the first quarter placed in the first quarter gallery. Images from the
second quarter will be placed in the second quarter gallery. Naturally, the third and fourth quarter galleries will hold images
from those parts of the game/event.
There are times when we put hundreds of images in a gallery.

We know that it's not always possible to look through all of the photos at any one time. By separating the images
into four quarters it becomes a lot easier for you to look at one quarter at a time at your leisure.

If there's no time to look at all of the images in any given day you can look at the first two quarters today and then
look at the other quarters another time. Also by separating the images into quarters it becomes much easier for
you to keep track of which images you've seen and which images you haven't seen !
Whenever we use our QUARTER METERS for a game  we will provide a custom graphic which shows the specific teams
which played in the game and we also show you in bright text which quarter is being linked to, like the samples below:
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