2013 New York Pee Wee Gallery   
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New York City is world famous for its concrete jungle,
Madison Avenue, Wall Street, and the bright lights of
Broadway. Yet, few people might give a second thought to
one of the Big Apple’s nearby suburbs, Nyack, which is full
of well-manicured lawns and white picket fences.

Nyack, which boasts a population of just under 7000
residents sits just west of the Hudson River. Driving through
town this quaint little town most folks would be surprised
when told that it has churned out the likes of Stephen
Baldwin or Rosie O’Donnell.

Two people who are being added to that list of famous
residents are NFL players
Jason and Devin McCourty who
were born and raised in Nyack. The two speedsters, who
are identical twins, spent years racing up and down the
township's football fields and now they do their running on
the league’s turf fields. Respectively, Jason plays for The
Tennessee Titans while Devin plays for the New England
Patriots. We had our first contact with Jason in 2011 when
NFL players rolled into Teaneck to take on the whole
town in a friendly game or two of basketball.

Growing Up.

After the loss of their father at the tender age of three, their
mom Phyllis, played the dual role of mother and father to
the siblings. She ran a tight ship and the boys were well
aware that she had high standards and expectations. Both
brothers brake out into easy smiles when speaking about
how their mom is both their biggest fan and their greatest

The Twins Give Back

On Saturday the twins addressed a throng of about 200
boys aged 7 to 14 and their families at the (free) Second
Annual McCourty Twins Football camp which was held on
the campuses of the old Nyack High School. The High
school is the home of the Valley Cottage Indians. The
morning was chock full of football activities followed by a
lunch with enough pizza to feed a hungry herd of buffalo.
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It’s About Inspiration
Clearly, one of the chief goals was to inspire and encourage the camp’s attendees, not only in football but in life. The McCourtys were more
than happy to share their formula for success in football and in life:
1)        Belief in yourself…...and....... 2) hard work

During the autographing part of the program, the McCourtys were genuine and patient as they addressed each and every youngster
individually as though he was the only athlete on the field. It was clear that this event was about giving back to the young men on a one to
one basis. It’s no surprise that the camp has grown to such numbers after only the second year and it should continue to do so.
Registration was actually filled well up before the camp opened with athletes coming from as far away as New Brunswick and East Orange.

Getting Help With The Heavy Lifting

The camp was a fast moving event, after a noon lunch where attendees consumed enough pizza to feed a herd of buffalo the afternoon
included photo taking, memorabilia gathering and autographs. The twins garnered help with running the event from a healthy mix of former
team mates and friends. Of course, corporate sponsorship helps with the costs and that came from
Sole impact and Xenith Helmets.
These two firms are working at providing products which make playing football safer for those who participate. Xenith, in particular, tackles
the weighty issue of concussions, something which has gained s lot of attention because of the increase in brain injuries in the sport. No
doubt, anything which makes the game safer is worth taking a look at. Youngsters at the camp were eager try on one of the samples which
were provided at the event.

It Was A Good Day

As the sun began to move towards later afternoon pockets of athletes began to head off, satisfied and inspired that they could very well be  
among tomorrow's top athletes who will follow in the McCourty's footsteps.

Devin and Jason as well as their staff might have been moving towards the last of their energy after an exhaustive but highly rewarding
day. But there’s no doubt that they were able to convey the message that dreams can be achieved!

Event shots have been posted !
The smiles and laughs were nonstop among the crowds as a healthy bit of good natured ribbing was shared between the brothers. (After all,
they do play on rival teams) Youngsters were wide were eyed and giddy to be able to touch real live NFL players who'd grown up in their
very own town!