Well, You Ain't Seen Nothing Yet !  (Yeah we said ain't )    
Level Up :       Changes At Footballshooters               
As you cruise  around football shooters you may be getting a sense of change. Some of
those changes are clear and evident while others are a little less obvious. Still others are
being rolled out slowly for future enjoyment!
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Changes We've Already Made         
Future Changes        
Changes We're  Making  Now        
More intricate graphics scattered throughout the site
While the basic search feature on our site adequate, the new search box
we've loaded in the photo galleries is  a real beast.  If you search for any term
even remotely associated with our images you're more likely to find your team
even your player
The galleries have been modernized  and are now responsive to whatever
device you use to view the photos. The galleries  will respond quickly on smart
phones and Ipads in landscape or portrait mode.
You may have noticed some changes in our coverage ...
That is going to continue to evolve for some time to come
Look for a progressively changing new look  on
the site
Not only are we continuing to update those old slow
galleries but we're putting them in the most modern and
responsive galleries known to man.
We're progressively upgrading the keywords associated
with our images so that it'll be easier for you to find them.
We've upgraded access to videos by conveniently placing
them inside of photo galleries for easier viewing.
Look for an adjusted and expanding coverage
of the game in ways never seen before !
Sure we know we've been holding some highly
anticipated games back from release, look for
those to be published.
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