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What do you get when you load a gymnasium with the student body. You get a chance to
have a good time. This is exactly what happened at Teaneck's recent  Friday afternoon fall
sports pep rally. While football is big at Teaneck, other sports also get a chance to shine in
the spotlight too.  After all, they certainly work hard to prep for their seasons too!  The
exuberant crowd was seated in the gym’s bleachers  according to grade level so that
students were seated with those they had the most in common with as well as those which
they were most likely to be familiar with.  Truth be told, Teaneck seems to have the pep
rally formula down to a science.  Like any good showmen, this blue squad, knows how to
save the feature act for last. So that by the time the football team is presented the fans are
almost literally flying From the anticipation. Lively and popular M.C.’s rouse the crowds to
cheer for their grade level as well as the athletes they support. What’s great is that every
team with an autumn season is introduced to the crowd one by one which causes the
student body to go wild with excitement.  
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with plenty of musical contributions from the band, cheers from the cheerleaders and
dance routines from the Twirlers.  To be sure ,fall pep rallies are a great way to get the
school year off  to a great start and the Highwaymen are undoubtedly at the top of the
class when it comes to hosting them!

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Highwaymen Know How To Rally   
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For Schools who have fielded bands
there's plenty of action going on in
the stands during any football game.

Marching Bands are there to
represent and battle the opposing
musicians every bit as much as the
football teams that  play on the field.
For them halftime is game time.  

But in the meantime each troupe tries
to out do the other with musical barbs
and rifts that keep the crowds in an
upbeat mood. Take a look at the
energetic exchange that took place
The Hackensack and
Clifton marching bands   met.
2012 Football: First Contact
A little more than a decade ago the movies were full of films involving human interaction with aliens . Everybody was excited about the
Well, the recent four team scrimmage in Union City New Jersey certainly gave new meaning to the term, First contact !    While all of the
teams looked sharp, there were some definite standouts.

Union city in particular looked poised , hungry and ready.  In fact last year about this time the eagles held a four way
scrimmage in which
they also made their presence felt  .
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By the end of that season the Eagle's momentum had carried them to the brink of a
championship appearance where they lost a hard fought squeaker to North Bergen. Well,
everybody take notice because the Eagles are back and they remember everything. In fact they've
got about 12 returning seniors leading the way and they won't let them forget what it's like to be

Today's  visiting teams consisted of Belleville, Livingston and Teaneck. Each of these teams has a
past history of strong ball players that have been forces to be reckoned with at one time or
One thing that definitely stood out were some of the individual defensive efforts. There's no
doubt that some of the defensive players on each of the four teams are already displaying
the kind of rough and rugged ball hawk skills that give offensive coaches nightmares. When
preseason starts out like this, it can only get better.  

So, for any space invaders who were silly enough to suit up and wander onto the grid iron :
put some ice on the swelling, it usually helps.

In the meantime, welcome to earth!

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Fast Paced Preseason Football        
All over the country teams are preparing for the up coming season. No where is this more true than in northern New Jersey. The 7 on 7's are done,
teams are back from camp and the Two-a-day practices are over. Right now, it's about hitting the grid iron with as much game like action as teams can
muster.  Teams all over the state are finishing up on their preseason scrimmages and reassessing both strong and weak points .

Already, some teams are showing a strong hand while others are in various stages of gelling into tight knit units. Teams that want to be better made
sure to take on tough opponents during preseason scrimmages and they'll benefit from it in the long run.  Freshmen teams are also sharpening their
skills and this was clear to see from last weeks meet between
Red Bank Catholic's Caseys and Bergen Catholic's Crusaders.  

Another contest that took place between notable teams was the scrimmage between St Josephs Regional and Montclair. Though the Mounties had a
stellar season last year that resulted in a
championship game  appearance at Giant's Stadium, The Green knights looked good and sharp on both
sides of the ball. While the Mounties showed loss of over 25 starters they definitely showed promise, so don't take them lightly. St Joes showed
machine like consistency throughout and should be a handful for most any opponent they face this season.

Scrimmage shots have been posted below.
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If Teaneck’s Friday Pep Rally was a party then it’s no doubt that the  tailgate would be
considered the after party. The school’s front lawn was transformed in preparation for
the occasion . The smell of franks and burgers  wafted through the air as cooks satisfied
all those who attended the event.

Twisted balloons and balloon hats were plentiful as children enjoyed the festivities. Of
course, no party would be complete with music, so DJ Matt laid down the beats as
clusters of visitors swayed to the rhythms. Face painters decorated children’s faces for
the festivity while others enjoyed getting dressed up and taking photos in the portable
photo booth. The Highwaymen began their warm ups below on the field as the event
began to wind down. Unfortunately pesky rain showers sped up the end of the tailgate
but it didn't dampen the spirits as folks waited the showers out in the  nooks and
crannies of the school before heading down to the field for the start of the game against

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Tailgate 101   
FRESHMEN  FOOTBALL : Playing At The Next Level  
There's nothing like a hot cup of
taking in a good game of football.
Recently, early morning steam rose
they watched Teaneck’s freshmen
take on the lancers of  Lakeland
Regional. If our intel is correct,  the
freshmen troupe has won every game
up until the start of this game. Since
winning inspires confidence the blue
men stepped into the field with all the
poise of a winner. Their play on
and “D”
 certainly had its moments.  
More than once they stopped the
lancers or marched down the field
almost at will.

Then again, just across the field the
Lancers were mustering their own
brand of swagger and once they
turned it on they held the reigns with
an ever tightening grip.
Looking at both teams it becomes clear that the coaches on both teams have done a great job transitioning these young players to play at the
high school level and it shows all over the gridiron! These kids are playing ball with most of the mental tools shown by sharp athletes who are
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Quite a few years ago, California drivers  used to race each other for Pinks or Pinks
All Out.
 Since the state’s car titles were colored pink, it was just another way to say
that the loser of the race would give up his car ! ( Ask your grand parents )
even a time  when it was said that real men didn't wear pink. Well, thank goodness
those days are gone. Each year in October The NFL gets together with the
Cancer Society to focus on the fight against breast cancer. Teams across the
league add the color pink to their uniforms and we’ve got to say that the color
amazingly goes well with every uniform.  But the  NFL support is far more than just a
fashion statement.
Last weeks Junior Varsity match between Teaneck and Paramus was the first game to take place inside the month for both teams. Sure there was a good bit of pink on
the field but there was also a good bit of “All Out" play as well.  Many times, these Monday afternoon JV games are every bit as intense as the varsity level games.  
A good number of these underclassmen play with all of the toughness of a seasoned varsity player.  Both the visiting Spartans and the Highwaymen ran their engines full
throttle in an effort to bring home the win.  In the end, Spartan stubbornness, the clock and a few missed cues lost the race for the Highwaymen.  The good thing is that
these squads will meet again at next year’s varsity race.  Now, while they won’t be vying for “Pinks” they will be racing for something more important, pride!

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Come the start of any season you can be sure the
prognostication begins. Comparisons of teams and what they
will do flow fast and furiously.  The bottom line is that everyone
wants to know who’s gonna be the best pound for pound.
Recently Teaneck and Northern Valley Regional (Demerast )
met to see how they measure up in the never ending quest to
find out who’s the best.

Of course, In this game the Pounding is how the worth of a
good team gets measured and that’s exactly how the Norsemen
and highwaymen went about setting the record straight.
Unfortunately any scheduled thumping which was supposed to
take place on Saturday night had to postponed due to a public
scare.  Having  another night to think about the task at hand
didn't  seem to bother either team as they went right at each
other like old rivals in the making

Everybody played like they were in fact the top dog in the yard,
the stuff that makes for great games. With only four quarters to
play somebody’s gotta win and somebody’s gotta loose.  
Pound For Pound: Teaneck Takes On Northern Valley  
In this battle the visiting Norsemen out pounded the Teaneck and went home with the victory. So each team will now head down the road to see what
the future holds for them and how things shake out. There may be defeats, there may be victories but you can believe that both of these squadrons
will be hitting the gridiron with everything they've got.

Game shots have been posted
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Video: Belvidere  Takes On Pingry >>>>>>>>
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Who would’ve thought that this season would bring so many obstructions to so many teams in the
northeast. Sure, the game is all about pushing past those obstacles but few folks could have
predicted that the difficulties would present themselves both on and off the field via a hurricane
called Sandy.  Weeks after that gal blew through town, teams are still making all sorts of behind-
the-scenes adjustments in order to even get a chance to play.
Kudos to school staff who are working behind the scenes to get things done!  Two squads who are
dealing with the aftermath include Belvidere and Pingry who met last weekend just as both teams
perched themselves on the brim of an adjusted season in preparation to enter the playoffs.
In commemoration of the special week, parents of senior band members, senior cheerleaders and
senior football players participated in a pre-game ceremony that recognized the upperclassmen. Let
it not be said that Pingry simply showed up to become the sacrificial lamb for Belvidere, we're sure
they had obstacles of their own to contend with.  Big Blue is a tough knuckled squad who gave
every bit as good as they got in this match up. If Pingry has any deficiencies it’s low numbers. A
good many of the players go both ways and that can hurt a team but it can also make teams a good
bit more tenacious in battle and that’s pretty much what we saw from Big Blue. Judging from the all
out ball that we saw from both units, it doesn't  surprise us at all that they’re both in playoff
Belvidere vs Pingry  
place to grow up playing football as we saw first hand back in 2008 as well as last year. If there was
any question about the resolve of these two squads before the game, don’t fret.   For The senior
Seaters, the game took on special significance. For them this game came at the end of senior week
and represented the last regular season game these young men will play in their high school
All of the apparel is auctioned off with the proceeds going towards the fight against
breast cancer. Like their professional counterparts, high school teams across the
country do their part to support the cause financially. Many schools run events to
raise funds which are turned over to the
American Cancer Society as well. Of
course, high school teams across the country don’t pass up the opportunity to don
pink uniform accessories and they also look great in them too!
Just One More Chance  
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A cool snap settled into the air recently week as Hackensack's
Comets flooded out of the locker room onto their field for the
season's last practice. The afternoon sun bathed the field as
senior players Vernon Davis, Miles Desane, Jamil  Stewart,
Miles Hightower and Lemar Thomas stood reflecting on all
they'd been through together over the years as well as what lay
ahead for these lifetime band of brothers.
Earlier in the day they'd attended their annual
pre-Thanksgiving-day-game pep rally so their batteries were
fully charged. The emotion was palpable.
It was a season where they'd upset more than a few dreams of
opponents en route to a solid run at the title.
They were ready to put the season to bed with just one more
win. All they wanted was one more chance.
Across the country folks love to attend Thanksgiving Day
games before they sit down to dine on gobbler. One of the
oldest games in the country is the one which takes place
between Hackensack and Teaneck.

In the meantime, just on the other side of town the Highwaymen
were preparing in their own way for the Turkey-Day game.  This
week happened to be
Homecoming week so it ended with a
pep rally/ bonfire which held the football team at center stage.
There's no doubt that every school has its own flavor and
Teaneck ranks up at the top of the list with the best of em!
While this year's Highwaymen always looked like a solid team to us, their record didn't always reflect it. So how would they do as they prepped for this final classic High
school game against their cross town rivals?  No one would know until the music had stopped, the bonfire extinguished and the sun rose in the morning. But for the time
being it was simply time to celebrate being Highwaymen. Come morning both teams would get one more chance to win this game of games, the one which had been
played for over 75 years.

Football is a funny game where there few guaranteed outcomes. The Highwaymen played the Comets tough (and vice versa) in this classic matchup and came away with
the win 26-20.

Congrats to both teams who have a lot to be commended for, next year should be interesting at the very least!
hundreds of USA teens celebrating and dancing to popular music at high school pep rally,
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Playing  The  Best  To  Be  The  Best
Back in August long before the first  kickoff of the season took place, Montclair's Mounties
loaded themselves onto a cheese bus and visited St Josephs for a
pre-season  scrimmage.  
Last season Montclair ended it's stellar run in a thunderous  let down at Giants Stadium .
Victory was snatched from the Mounties in the final seconds of a game which left
Fast forward to that muggy summer morning when the blue enforcers squared off against the  
already fit Green knights. Truth be told,while Montclair certainly had it's moments,St Joes was
the dominant team on that particular day. When quizzed about the disparity between the
teams the Montclair coach remarked, " You've got to play the best if you want to be the best"

Great concept, too bad it can't be trademarked  because someone would make a lot of

As things worked out St Josephs  won it's state sectional title , which confirms that they're a
solid benchmark by which to measure any opponent. In the interim Montclair proved that their
theory of playing the best holds a lot of merit because they also won their own sectional title
for this year. Redemption!
As one popular song says," Even the best fall down sometimes" and that's exactly what
Montclair did last season. But they certainly got up in grand fashion!

Now there are a few other teams who are among the best in any given year and that usually
includes the Maroons of Ridgewood. The meeting between the two was a day when The
Mounties could do no wrong, even broken plays seemed to turn into favorable yardage for
Montclair. It was simply their time and they earned it.  Yet it'll be interesting to see who stands
up next year, don't be surprised if the hard nosed Maroons are right there in the front of the
pack.  As for the Mounties, look for them to keep their momentum going now that they've
reached the head of the class.

Game shots have been posted
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The 2012 Soul Bowl was a real treat for us and was pretty much a carbon copy of last year's event, except for a change of venue.
This year the event was held at the Weequahic campus.

It seemed as though the whole neighborhood tried to pour itself into the facility on this sunny Thanksgiving Day. There was pretty much standing room only in the event as
late comers could only view the goings on from afar. Alumni from both schools were present and accounted for in large numbers as expected and both bands were
polished and ready to perform for the crowds.

There’s a strong sense of community at the event and young and old alike are proud to have a part in the tradition!  Both schools always save the date for the annual
event regardless of weather championship rankings cause them to cross each other’s paths. This year in particular both teams were still in playoff contention as of the
Thanksgiving Day game. But it shouldn't’t surprise anyone to hear that these teams really get up for these games no matter what else Is going on in the season. After all,
tradition is tradition.      
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If you look in the dictionary for the definition of the word: Swagger you’ll see that the  descriptive terms used to define it don’t carry a good
connotation . Words like defiance, insolence, bragging and boasting are used most notably. But leave it to a younger generation to bring a new
meaning to a word. Sure the word still carries a little hint of that negative meaning but probably not for too much longer, especially on the
football field.
It seems that some coaches have embraced the concept of “The Swagger” and use it to get the most out of their players. We’re not talking about a
definition of the word that produces boisterous athletes who are annoying and self centered.  This definition seems to include athletes with extreme
confidence in themselves and their team mates, athletes who reside at the highest levels of the game and show it in every play of the game.  They
know that they’re expected to get Er’ done and that’s what they do. These are the teams and athletes that are able to fight all the way to the top of
the pile despite all obstacles. It seems like New Jersey is rife with teams that are either  bona fide swag farms or swag farms in the making. Judging
by what we’ve seen this season, New jersey should be bring in a bumper crop of great football for years to come!
hackensack,new jersey football,mustang football,free football photos,clifton high school,,nj sports photos
In order to be good in this game athletes need to be physically up to the task but they’ve got to have the mental confidence in those physical skills
because that’s the edge that  will separate them from their competitors.
Rolling Thunder On The Gridiron  
We doubt if any of the athletes in this match up are even familiar with  one particular
roller coaster ride which used to thrill teens down in the New Jersey’s Great

It was called Rolling Thunder and that’s exactly what it felt like no matter weather you
were riding it or just watching it whip people around the turns .And you can be sure
that the screaming and yelling you heard

While waiting in line made a lot of people decide not to even
get on the ride. Rolling Thunder is a perfect way to describe the recent match up
between Teaneck’s Varsity and Lakeland Regional.  The Highwaymen, who as of the
start of this game, were still on a quest for their first win of the season.
Of course win/loss records aren't the sole method for judging a team.  Teaneck’s blue-
road-men are a talented bunch who always manage to show up with a few speedsters
and more than a Few ornery pad-pounders.
team dominating the other for short periods before giving up game control to the other team. The game was typified by one team marching the ball up field
only to loose  momentum  and relinquish the ball to the other team. The game pretty much went back and forth like this and was even accompanied by
thunderous distant fireworks from sources unknown to anybody at the game.

Right around the third quarter the rain came down hard and heavy as  Lakeland seized the hammer and refused swap it back for the duration of the game .

Game shots have been posted.
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