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There’s nothing like a flashback and we know it because we hear from alumni athletes all the time requesting content from
the days when they went to school.  The highwaymen have certainly funneled a cadre of athletes to play at the collegiate
level. All things considered, Teaneck also has a fair share of former athletes who make it to the top level of this sport. Prior to
2005 the more notable players included
Tamba Hali and Lance Ball

In 2005 Teaneck was a special place to be since the Highwaymen were in the process of brewing a very special team.

These were the days of
Randy “Not on my side” Martinez   as well as the thunder and lightning running back combination of
Jerome Brigham and Rashad White.  These were the days when
Oren Wilson  had not yet grown into the gridiron monster
which he would later come to be.  But more than the on- field prowess of any individuals, this 2005 batch of Highwaymen were
united on and off the field. They understood the concept of collective responsibility and would later reach their pinnacle in
2006. In fact, in 2006 they coined their mantra for the year, "Family.”  And they meant every syllable of it.

Now, the 2005 Highwaymen were no sticks in the mud.
 In keeping with those who came before them, they knew how to throw
a good pep rally.
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Either way, the 2005 Highwaymen usually got the job done . Taking a look at this Montclair pre-season  prep scrimmage, all of these northern New Jersey
teams can be seen trotting out their heavy big dogs at this scrimmage thrown by the Mounties. The theme of the day was real estate, real estate, real
estate! Everybody wanted to get as much gridiron property as they could get.  Pascack Valley and Old Tappan were also at the table dishing punishment
every bit as good as they got.   While the stats weren’t being tallied, all of these teams were playing to let their presence be know!
Ask any coach and he’ll tell you that from year to year
the personalities of teams change. While the offenses,
defenses and uniforms pretty much stay the same,
the drive, force and persona of teams makes definite
shifts from season to season based on the several
factors. For the Highwaymen of Teaneck, 2005 could
certainly be called the Days Of Thunder !

The 2005 team were the progeny of the 2004 squad,
which were a rugged bunch themselves. The 2004
team, in particular, had a very stingy defense.
Then again,  the playing qualities of the 2005 team which are most memorable are the offensive storm which they could hit you with. They might roll thunder
at you in the form of bruising ball carriers who ran straight at defenders to tenderize their resolve. Then again, they could run around you with a hand full of
speedy backs that were capable of turning on the jets and leaving pursuers chasing downfield.
More Vintage Shots Released:
On the "D" side of the ball they were loaded with the
perfect combination of  speedsters and pile drivers.
This was something which contributed heavily to
some very unexpected victories against some very
worthy adversaries!On the Offensive side of the
pigskin both the 04 and the 05 team suck up more
solid real estate than any wall street tycoon and they
could do it very quickly.
2005 Classic Montclair Scrimmage Shots