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If anyone ever wondered if a girl’s football league would succeed in New York City just a few years ago, they can rest assured that there's nothing to worry about. They Have
nothing to worry about because, not only is girls flag football surviving in the Big Apple, but it’s actually growing at an unprecedented rate!

Proof of that could have been easily seen as well over 100 girls met last week in the Bronx for the PSAL’s annual pre-season flag football clinic/ tournament. It quickly
became evident that the sport is bursting at the seams as you pulled up the field see a vibrant sea of different colored uniforms scurrying around the field doing pre-game
warm ups.
Of course, the day began with basic football drills and skills.

Surprisingly, unlike past years, the girls chewed through these exercises with ease and excitement.These young ladies
know how to do everything which this game requires and they do it with a familiarity that is mind boggling!

As we stood amongst the teams, who chewed their way through each other en-route to a win, we couldn't help but to
wonder just how spectacular this season would be. We don’t know for sure.
But when it starts on such a high level, it can’t go anywhere but up !
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After a long off-season you can believe us, these girls are ready to play! More than a few of these athletes are going to
hit the field with mid-season performance levels. All of these factors should contribute to making this the best seasons
ever in girl’s football inside of the Big Apple.
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Sure the mannequin posing craze is all the rage right now but the girl’s football team from leadership
institute nailed that one way back in the spring. You see, the lady Jaguars were scheduled for a
match up at Randall’s Island sports complex but their opponent never showed up.

So it was a great time for the team to run a little football and pose for some impromptu team photos!
And why not, who knows maybe they were the ones who started the mannequin fad in the first place
Mannequin Challenge !
2016 Highwaymen  Kick Off  The 2016 Season
2016 Lady Highwaymen  
Just before the holiday the Lady Highwaymen from Teaneck High School took the field for a long awaited chance to play some football. They took the field on a cold blustery
afternoon and played on into the setting sun. For these students, the once a year Powder Puff game, which benefits breast cancer research at Holy Name Medical Center,
simply can’t come soon enough.

Needless to say it’s a great chance to play a game that they love while supporting a great cause at the same time. Football players from the NFL to the littlest pee wee
teams all around the country have traditionally chosen October to be the time they play in support of the eradication of breast cancer. It’s very common to see uniforms
accentuated with pink accessories from October first onward in recognition of the cause.

Teaneck high school has been running the annual benefit game for several years now with the help of local sponsors as well as support from the boys Varsity football team.
The male Highwaymen step in as assistant coaches under the guise of the head coach and other adult staff to teach the girls the fundamentals of the game. This ensures a
safe event for all. Long before the first whistle is blown the girls are armed with the knowledge that the flag version of the game which they’ll be playing is different (and
safer)  than the full contact which  their male classmates play.

Add to that knowledge a whole lot of enthusiasm and you have the makings of a great game!

We’ve added
more new shots to the 2015 game shots  and placed them in our New Quarter Meters and posted shots to the 2014 gallery which is totally New!
The 2016 1st quarter
shots have been posted  !
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It's pretty much like we said above,somebody's been holding things up and
we're the guilty party. We've got a whole season's worth of girls football
coverage which we've sitting on.
Truth be told, this is largely due to some of the changes we're putting in
place here  at Football Shooters.
When covering this year's girls' only camp,two things became immediately
clear :

1) The number of girls coming into the girls sport is growing in leaps and
2) the athletic skill of the girls game is also growing at a phenomenal rate
as well. A great many athletes showed up at the pre-season clinic playing
at or near mid-season levels !
This meant that the games would be much more exciting very early in the
season. True to this expectation, the girls of the PSAL didn't disappoint.
Though the first game of the season we covered took place on one
of those cool sunny days both team played with all of the heat and
intensity of a bast furnace. The teams from Eleanor Roosevelt and
Graphics Campus kicked things into high gear right from the first
whistle. When people live with a mistaken sense of entitlement they
create problems for themselves. But when teams play with a
attitude of confidence, they think and act like champions marching
towards a crown and that makes for
some great football !
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Hey Coach,  Gimmie The Ball!      
Early in New York City’s girls football season there was a clinic held for girl’s
teams from all over the Big Apple. Simply put, it was time for athletic girls from
the region to show what they can do on the grid iron !  As noted by one of the
New York City Officials, the girls genre of the game is just about the fastest
growing sport that is to be played in the city.  Believe it or not it’s actually
growing faster than many of the boys sports!

After a fall full of male dominated pigskin and cheering their fellow classmates
onto victory, they’re more than ready to do their thing on the fresh grass fields
which popping up all around the city during New York’s unpredictable early
weather. No matter though, these young ladies are here to play the game!  
While it’s true that some of the best athletic efforts ever put forth have been
displayed by the greatest athletes known to man on quiet little unassuming
fields tucked away in some obscure corner, in front of a handful of die-hard

For true blue athletes, it matters not.
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Likewise, the young ladies of the PSAL could care less if they battle for a win against league opponents at Giant’s Stadium or in some little forgotten
sandlot of yesteryear .All they want is a chance to play the game, period!

These facts were so clear to see in the match-up between East Harlem and Murray Bergtrum. Team mates for both sides cheered from the sidelines as
they shivered in the cool spring afternoon air which threatened P.M. showers. And guess what?

It didn't matter because these girls would have
played football in a monsoon.
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More NYC Girls Pigskin !
Last spring one of the PSAL officials remarked that girls’ football is literally the fastest growing sport which New York City has to offer. Looking at the
gridiron talent which the sport has to offer, It’s not hard to see why as each year more and more teams go live and come on line.

One of the 2016 games which confirmed the talent status of the girls game was the skirmish between Murray Bergtraum and The High School for
Health Professionals; The Blazers and The Vipers, respectively.

Both squads lined up early in the season with booth strengths and weaknesses. The Blazers play a solid fundamental game and will capitalize on any
slip ups opponents make, no doubt. While the Vipers are equally capable of doing likewise, they had speed at some of the skill positions which were
a real threat all day long. In fact as the season wore on, assets they possessed propelled them higher up on the league depth charts.  

So Let the games begin!
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But on the other side of the ball The Lady Governors came with just as much talent, if not more.

The other thing the lady Governors had going for them was their name, their legacy. They hail from a school whose reputation belongs on a
Broadway marquee in the world of New York City football  .Now while no one’s officially keeping a score card  It’s not unusual for schools in the city
which have a solid tradition of boys football, to put out very solid girls’ teams too.

Kudos and credit goes to those institutions who manage to pass their football acumen on to the girls’ teams. And you can be sure that The Lady
Governors have also inherited the intense skillful level of football play which is found in their male classmates.
Running Hot And Cold At The Same Time  
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Sometimes spring football weather simply doesn't want
to cooperate, no matter which patch of real estate the
game is played on within the five borough of the Big
Apple. Sometimes there’s a cool dampness in the air
that makes the finest of athletes shiver. It's kind of like
a winter which can't make up it's mind if it wants to
come or go.........

But the young ladies of the PSAL don’t have time for
any let downs, so they usually just throw  a warm
hoodie underneath the uniform jersey and turn on the
motor that drives them on towards that championship
ring. This is pretty much what took place  during the
rock and roll battle between Marie Curie and Dewitt
Clinton's Governors.  The Lady  cougar team was
physically solid and had good representation at all the
skill positions on both sides of the ball. If spectators
expected to see a weak version of a PlayStation game
they were sadly disappointed because these gals
came to play.
It’s probably a good thing that playing on the high school
level food doesn't’t somehow involve food being awarded to
the winner of any game by the league or even the losing
team.  It’s doubly good that little perk isn't’t in place when it
comes to the young ladies of the PSAL..... Why?

Simply put, these young ladies are hungry for football. Now if
that hunger translates to the dinner table, then somebody is
in store for a pretty large food bill. Of course this match up
between the high school for Economics and Graphics
Campus brought everybody to the green table in
search of a win.  

Now most people will tell you not to show up late for dinner
because there might not simply be anything left to eat. For
whatever reason, the
High School For Economics crew  arrived  late. ( likely lost in
the labyrinth-like sports complex of Randalls Island ).
 We Want This !   
So the Graphics campus squad decided to take advantage of the extra time and run some plays while the waited for their opponents. By the time
the game did start they were in mid game form. They play a very intense game of football and things simply heat up once they start chomping on
the smorgasbord  of
yardage and touchdowns !
        SUP-HER-BOWL: The Final Mission        
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