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After one of the roughest winters the New York City area has seen in
years, high school girls of the Big Apple are more than ready for some
more football   of their own. Girl-only  teams from across the city met
on Saturday morning at Dewitt Clinton's field up in the Bronx to
participate in the PSAL's final preseason clinic.

The city is entering into it's third girls season and from all that we see
the popularity of the girls game appears to be growing as more teams
enter the sport.  In fact some of the new teams appear rather strong
and boast a healthy smattering of true athletes who play a solid game
of football.

The Clinic was run by Flag football Supervisor Jen Blum along with
help from members of
The New York Sharks.
Jen ran the teams through the basics and helped to reinforce the
implementation of rule changes which will take place to the girls game
this season. Always enthusiastic about football, the Sharks ran the
teams through their paces in a pesky drizzle which showed up
earlier than the weather man predicted.
After an hour or so of basic drills the teams forgot about the elements and focused on the action at hand as they got an opportunity for
some live action against real opponents. Just as in any other sport, teams usually get better as the season goes on. If that holds true for
this season then spectators should expect to see some great football. And they won't just see it from teams who've established themselves
with experienced returning players, they'll see some solid play from teams who are actually lacing up for the first time ever!

Of course, expect to see solid play from the teams who've already developed consistency year after year. The Harry Truman Lady
Mustangs should be at or near the top of things in the league as they continued to show talent fresh off the shelves. But they're not the
only game in the Bronx so it should be interesting to see how things shake out. Game fans are especially wondering how past dominant
teams like Tottenville, Jefferson, Erasmus, Ft Hamilton, Lehman, and JFK will stack out . Right now it's probably  anyone's guess, there's
no telling who gonna do what. In fact, in the past, there were more than a few lesser known schools who beat solid squads much to the
surprise of all onlookers.

So buckle up and hold on because the only thing that seems guaranteed is that it's going to be an exciting season !  
Event images have
been posted
We dropped in on the scheduled game
between HS Graphic Communications Arts
and Martin Luther King. The first whistle was
slotted to go off at 4:30 but the Graphics
team was a no show. So Instead of packing
their adrenaline up for the bus ride home
The MLK squad decided to take advantage
of the downtime to run their first offense
through a team scrimmage. Of course the
first defense got a workout as well. You can
never get too much practice and it was a
good opportunity to tie down a few loose
ends in real time.
Season three of girl’s flag football recently got off to a solid start as teams from all over the city got at each other for the first time. Teams
have certainly had their fill of going up against team mates in practice and most were more than ready to get the show on the road.

To recap: Girls all over the country are no longer content to cheer from the sidelines, they want in. And they’re all in too! This is the start
of season three of the girl’s game in New York City and the sport is certainly growing as more teams get added to the league each year.

Now from what we see the girls of the Big Apple have been paying close attention to their fellow male students because they're coming to
the gridiron preloaded with full skillset needed to perform solidly.
         WAS NOT WAS   
2014  NYC  PSAL  You Go Girl !   

When the girls teams play, they bring an
intensity to the table, hot and smoking out of the
box.And that intensity stays in your face from
the first whistle to the last; everybody plays all
out football from beginning to the end.

That’s certainly the package which got
unwrapped when The High School for
Economics and Finance met The East Harlem

Initially The Economics team caught the Pride
flatfooted with a sweet but deadly loft pass
which was deadly effective.  Flustered by
Economic’s success, The Pride dug in on
defense to shut them down. Nevertheless The
Economics team worked itself to 12 points early
in the game.
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Tenacity is one of the hallmarks of solid teams and The Harlem Pride seems to have it in spades.

They progressively got into a defensive rhythm which shut everything the Eco team threw at them, including that pesky pass. In the
Interim they progressively churned out successes on the offensive side of the ball so that when the smoke cleared they racked up 40
points. The Economics team never parlayed their initial early 12 points into anything other than an early threat while things got so
good for The Pride that they even made positive gains on the defensive side of the ball. Needless to say, shame on any team who
allows the Pride to run down hill on them because once they get into a groove they’ll likely be unstoppable. Any team who lacks
staying power will certainly get picked apart by Economics passing power which should become even more potent over the season.
Both teams left the field with their heads held up and rightly so, because things are just beginning !

Game shots have been posted!
In time, Harlem shut down most of Eco’s offense except that pesky loft pass which continued to have limited success against the
Harlem team despite the expectation that it was coming.
Some football games invoke every popular expression known to man,
especially when they're exciting.

Teams shout, "I believe.... I believe" over and over again and they play
like it. Every great play by either opponent is matched by the other side
as the pressure to perform builds.

That describes the back story when Goldstein and Tottenville met at
Brooklyn's Avaitor field to do battle in the PSAL's  Flag Football

There were no pre game jitters for either squad since both teams hit the
ground running. There were no nervous bobbles or miscues, only
focused performance. While Tottenville drew first blood, Goldstein
remained calm and simply answered with a score of its own. In fact a good
portion of the first half involved point for point scoring by both teams.
One solid standout in the game was the Tottenville defense who was
effective all day long but the dolphin defense was not too bad either.
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After a spring full of solid pigskin amongst the girls of
the PSAL four teams found themselves standing just
one win from a chance to play in the championship

Each of the four teams arrived at their final playoff
game with their own back stories and a full season's
worth of excitement
Both semifinal games were played at Brooklyn's
spacious Aviator facility.

In the first game which was played at Aviator field in
Brooklyn, James Madison Lady knights jousted
against the pirates of Tottenville . For spectators who
are looking for any correlation between the boys
squads and the girls flag team, they may not have to
look too far. Madison's boy team has certainly had its
days of dominance and recently won a boys bowl title
as recently as

The lady knights were tough enough to make it this
far in the season and were initially holding their own
against the Tottenville team but their defenses didn't
last too long against the purple Pirate-ettes  who
simply opened up an unrelenting attack on the
Brooklyn based knights.
seen in that the Pirates boys football team has won more than a few city titles and has certainly been at the front of the class inside of the Big Apple’s championship
division performers more often than not. Coach Jim By games end the Staten Island natives dominated the Madison squad 33 to 6.  Another interesting factoid is seen
in that the Pirates boys football team has won more than a few city titles and has certainly been at the front of the class inside of the Big Apple’s championship division
performers more often than not. Coach Jim Munson could be seen in the side lines at this game lending support to the Lady Pirates, who, won a trip to the
Championship game in search of a nifty two-peat!

The second battle was exactly that... a battle.

Dominant and talented Ft Hamilton waged war on a tenacious Dolphin crew from Leon Goldstein.
Here again, The Ft Hamilton gals were representing a school whose boys team is also a power to be reckoned with within the confines of the city. Skilled and precise
are some pretty good adjectives to describe the Ft Hamilton team as they methodically attacked the dolphins.

But this seaworthy crew of weren’t willing to roll belly up to the Brooklyn powerhouse. The gals from Leon Goldstein are a tough little crew and returned volley for volley.
If you want to talk about a team who believes that they could win, you can’t do better than the Goldstein squad.
Of course, Ft Hamilton was undaunted by the efforts of the Goldstein girls. Like all championship caliber teams, Ft Hamilton simply turned up the heat and found that
next level of performance. Unfortunately for the lady Tigers Goldstein struck a severe blow by scoring deep in the game and kept the Ft Hamilton squad from scoring
again. The game ended with The Dolphins on top 13-6

Game shots have been posted below
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In the final Minutes of the game Tottenville pulled decisively ahead of the dolphins, which up until that time was a close18-20.
In their final scoring drive the Lady Pirates took over possession of the pigskin on their own 10 yard line and marched it down field to pay dirt.

Tottenville two-peat battle for the crown.... Game shots have been posted
All we can say to future opponents is: exercise care the MLK crew should prove to be a competent one and they’ve certainly got a few jets
who can crank the score board up if given the slightest chance.

Game/ scrimmage shots have been posted.
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2014  PSAL
2014  PSAL
2014  PSAL
2014  PSAL
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Sometimes good things just keep on getting better and better. One of those things is the annual Teaneck High
School girls powder puff game, which is held to benefit research for the eradication of breast cancer. There is plenty
of pink to go around as the girls from all grades race up and down the field playing the game that is usually
reserved for their male classmates.