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New York Girls Say: Its Our Turn !!!
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because boys football had started early. So what was all the fuss about?

Well the Big Apple held its inaugural season in the sport of girl’s football. For years the girls
had literally stood on the side lines and watched the boys have all the fun. Simply put, it was
their turn!
The young ladies of the city didn’t waste a moment of the opportunity. The girl’s season broke
out of the gate running at full throttle and didn’t look back. Truth be told, quite a few people
were pleasantly surprised to see the level of skill which the girls possessed.
The 2012 season ended with a bang up in the Bronx in grand fashion with John F Kennedy’s
Lady Knights wresting the first ever girls championship title from a very talented Fort Hamilton

After that ending, It shouldn't surprise anyone to hear that the young ladies in the league are
ready to pick up right where things left off.
Not Enough Pigskin
Now, if the tournament and a full schedule are not enough football for the city’s girls there’ll be more football treats to look forward to. On May 18th The New York Sharks will be hosting
their 8TH Annual girls only football camp.. The event is a great experience for young ladies who attend, some who have come from as far away as Maine!
The camp is open to all girls
between the ages of 12-17 and has even attended by some of New York’s PSAL girls teams. It remains to be seen just who shows up at the event. With free lunch and free busing being
provided as well as motivational speakers the girls always go away with a good feeling, greater self-confidence and more friends to stay in touch with!

So shake the dust of those cleats and strap up because it’s time for Girls football part-ll
The passes are accurate. The effort is non-stop. The cuts are sharp and the angles of pursuit are right on point. Their attitude is right where
it’s supposed to be.

Their game is complete with the true grit that it takes to win in the final seconds of a game, complete with the impromptu end zone
celebrations that naturally come with those victories. These qualities were seen over and over again on Saturday as nearly 30 girls football
teams from across New York City participated in the second annual girls flag football tournament.
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thinking that the other teams at the tourney weren't as explosive as the ones mentioned above. Truth be told, the adjectives which best
describe most of the teams include dangerous and scrappy and capable. So don’t sleep on any team.

Time will tell if this season turns out to be like a Cinderella story, a tale of two cities or some other great literary work. Whichever way it ends
up it’s going to be the stuff that creates tomorrow’s urban legends complete with its own back story.

They say the city is filled with 8 million stories, so strap in and strap up because New York City’s 2013  girls flag football season is launching
at breakneck speeds!  
A Game Just For Them  
Teams in the city have a full season schedule laid out before them and are ready to get the
job done. The PSAL is kicking off the season
this weekend with a tournament, just as it
did last season. All teams will rally at the event and get a chance to test their skills against the
competition. At the very least the two day event will be exciting and will give some insights on
the beasts in the bunch.
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The two day- double elimination event serves as a great jump start for the girls flag season! Not only does the tournament help teams and
coaches work out some of the final kinks, it also gives squads a chance to eyeball the competition. There were plenty of jaws dropping in
amazement at the skill set which some teams displayed.  Most, if not all of the City’s dominant schools had female platoons present and
accounted for, all ready to do battle. The city’s boys champion teams were represented In Erasmus Hall and Tottenville respectively. Like the
boys team E-hall brings a squad of solid players while
Tottenville brings an equally talented squad along with a fierce quarterback who has the arm to get the job done. Returning beasts included
the Jefferson crew who are still a force to be reckoned with. Oddly enough, though, The Lady Knights of JFK, last year’s champions were
nowhere to be seen.
The Magnificent 10  were on everyone’s mind and everybody wanted to get a look at what they were bringing to the
table for the season.
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One !
No one ever doubted that the 2013 girls
flag football season would exceed last
season's in nearly every way, an it did!
As the sport continues to grow the
young ladies of the big apple are also
actually excelling in their level of play
offensively as well as defensively. The
fact is there are truly some monster
squads out there with top notch skills
and a superior grasp of the games
In the first of the back to back games Tottenville did battle with  Leon M Goldstein. Both teams
played with the kind of dogged determination which got them to this level in the first place.
They also possessed the kind of cohesiveness which is found on championship teams in all
sports at all levels. The fact is that both of these teams had to beat some bonni fide  top notch  
teams to get to this point so it was reasonable to expect that both would have a lot of fight in
them and that's exactly how they played the match. The game was pretty close for three
quarters. Then in the fourth Tottenville kicked open the doors by putting 19 unanswered points
on the scoreboard. Good natured and proud of themselves, as they should be, the Goldstein
girls  doused head coach  Salvatore Prestianni with the water cooler because they recognized
that they had a lot to feel good about! They'd overcome all sorts of obstacles in order to get
where they were and they'd given it all they had. The Goldstein girls left the field walking on air
as coach Prestianni  smiled from ear to ear, he could not have been prouder of them. Bravo,
great attitude. Look for these girls to be a force to be reckoned with next year because they're
young and their heads are in the right place !
In the second game Ft Hamilton took on Lehman in a match up which was no less exciting. In
so many ways the intensity was reminiscent of the boys championship games, In fact the only
thing missing from this battle was the helmet and pads. In this skirmish both sides came out
firing on all cylinders. The first and second quarters were loaded with scores by both sides, in
fact, all of the scoring in this game took place in those first two quarters before both teams
settled down to a stalemate in the third and fourth quarters. The final score 55 to 49,
One of the interesting factoids which stares out at us is the fact that 3 of the top four girls
teams come from schools with a history of strong boys teams. It probably means nothing but
it kind of makes you wonder, doesn't it?

The championship game will be played on Tuesday at Aviator Field between Tottenville and
Ft Hamilton.

Brooklyn vs Staten Island, affectionately referred to as "The Rock."     We don't know but
right now in our minds, it's sounding like it's going to be one of those classic battles!
. Last week the top four teams got a chance to put that knowledge to the test as they battles
for one of two final championship slots at Randalls Island .
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New Jersey Girls Playing Football
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