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It's been a while since Hollywood made a great western flick. Maybe all they had
to do was take a line out of the PSAL 2012 girls Flag football play book.  From
the very beginning teams in the league broke out of the gate like a controlled
stampede, if such a thing is possible. Quite a few teams let it be known that they
were in town and played with every intention of roping in the historical first Girls

Most of those teams showed up with all the confidence, skill and swagger
needed to battle any opponent.

So when the smoke cleared, last Wednesday there were only two teams
standing in each other's way .
All other comers, large and small had fallen by the wayside. The two teams, Ft
Hamilton and JFK met midfield for the coin toss  to
settle the score.
The Ft Hamilton posse arrived at the modernized Mott Haven campus up in the
Bronx  with a full compliment of starters and backups ready lasso the crown and
carry it back to Brooklyn .
The two teams literally battled down to the last seconds of the game and there were times when Ft Hamilton simply dominated the score board. But like any well written script the
underdog never gives up and simply refuses to loose and at some point it becomes evident to everybody but them that they just might come out the victor. In fact that's pretty
much what happened and JFK battled the Lady tigers and the clock to pull off a win in the final moments of the game. Congratulations to the Magnificent 10 lady knights who
faced overwhelming odds to take the very first Girls Flag Football tittle! But we've also got to congratulate Ft Hamilton as well all the teams who participated in what has to be
thought of as a very successful season first season in New York City's girls flag football.
New York Girls Say: Its Our Turn !!!
Photos & Video Posted : From The NY Sharks  Girls Only Football Camp     
Each Spring for the last seven Years
New York the  Women's
Sharksfootball team hosts a girls only
football camp so that girls can get a
little time on the gridiron.  Since
football is not all that is important in
life the Sharks use the opportunity  to
address some of the issues that
young people contend with.

The life skills portion of the camp is
interspersed between layers of great
football training and benefits young
girls between the ages of twelve and

The day started early as groups of
girls were brought in from all over the
big apple. Groups involved included a
loose assortment of high school
students, girl scout troupes, and even
one of the city's newly formed  high
school girls flag football teams.
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With all of the girls football that is breaking out all over the big apple lately you can only expect the girls camp to grow in the years to come. As has been the tradition in recent years Adam
Koets, recently retired of the New York Giants, assisted in running the camp  as did former Pittsburgh Steeler Darnell Stapleton.

Camp attendees, who came from  all five boroughs, definitely had a great time as they learned and  sharpened their  skills . Of course there was no better way to end the day than to allow the
newly formed teams  a chance to play a couple games of flag football and thats just what happened next. In the end everybody was a winner as the day ended with a photo / autograph
session. They even got a chance to hold Adam's Super bowl championship ring.   

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Video Of  2012 PSAL Girls Clinic    
If you' missed the recent preseason girls flag football clinic at Brooklyn's Samuel Tilden high
school  you can see a video of what you missed.  
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Bronx Rumble  
Girls football inside the Big Apple continues to pick
up steam as teams face off against rivals.

The match up between Truman's Lady Mustangs
and JFK  showed that both teams have what it takes
to be contenders. In fact we wouldn't be surprised if
both squads prove to be league front runners when
the dust settles on the historic season!

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Usually we don't get a chance to shoot multiple teams at the same time until late June when the 7
On 7 tournaments take place for boys or during the late August scrimmages.
As things are laid out now a decent number of the girls flag football games take place at the
same time on portions of the same field.  So the action which is normally non stop simply runs
double time.
Bronx High School Of Science against Leadership Institute as well as Eleanor
vs The High School For Health Professionals.
We had a great vantage point to catch a good bit of the action since both games took place at
the same time on fields which were perpendicular to each other. We've heard it said that football
doesn't build toughness, it simply reveals it. If that's true then these players have that quality in
spades. In fact, from what we've seen this season, the toughness trait runs through most if not all
of the teams in the league.
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But like any great western movie there has to be an underdog  Looking at
JFK's numbers it became quickly that to at least some onlookers they were the
underdogs. You see the lady knights arrived with just 10 players!  
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Leave it to the Big Apple to be on the
forefront of change in sports.

League changes for 2012 include the
historic introduction of girls flag football
across the city.  Some think  football and
girls don't mix at all but that's a viewpoint that
is in the
process of changing for many

To be sure, it's great for girls to play with
other girls who love the sport.   After years of
watching everything from Superbowls to their
brother's football games it only makes sense
that girls would come to love the game just
as boys do ! On Saturday teams
representing many of the city's power house
sports showed up at Tilden High School for
the second of two preseason clinics. Teams
were met and instructed by Flag football
supervisor ,
Jen Blum, who is no stranger to
the game herself.
Jen is a member of one of the winningest  women's tackle football  teams in the US, The New York Sharks.  Actually Jen was assisted in
running the clinic by her fellow Shark teammates. Athletes were taught basic drills, skills and safe play.

All we can say is that these girls have been watching their male classmates a lot closer than some might think, they've definitely  got a fair
grip on the basis.  In fact some players exhibited excellent skills, there were more than a few well thrown balls being tossed about !
We're looking to cover teams across the city this season, it should be exciting!

Event shots have been posted
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