psal cup game poster
psal football bowl game poster
There comes a time in the season when all the hard work really starts to look like it's all going to pay off for
some teams. All the workouts,practices, blackboard time, not to mention the bumps and bruises seem to
lead to the final "Big" championship game. Four teams which we know have scrapped and clawed their way
through opponents now stand on the verge of the final pay off. Since New York City  hosts three separate
divisions, everybody can get fair bite at the apple even if they're not at the City Championship level.

This year Far Rockaway will take on George Washington for the city Cup, while, Erasmus Hall will battle New
Dorp for the City Bowl. Each one of these teams has provided fans and friends with plenty of excitement as
they've marched to their respective championship games. When the smoke clears There'll be plenty of
cheers and tears on both all sidelines but no one will have anything to be ashamed of because we know that
everyone on all teams will give it all that they have, just as they've done all season long.