It's electric! Empire  challenge 2008
skirted the field just a few hours before kickoff. After that it was blue skies, a light
breeze and nothing short of a fun fest. But don't come away thinking that thunder
didn't reign supreme on the field come game time. Just as is the norm for this
game, Both teams came to play. Just over 11,000 people, a new bowl record,
packed the stands knowing that missing this game was just something they simply
couldn't do. We said it last year and we'll say it again: If you missed this game
then you missed one of the greatest games played in the northeast!
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Playing true "Never Quit Football" both teams battled back and forth through out the
vocal and responsive and participate about as much as fans can, almost to the point of
being the "12th" and "13th" man.

Long Island lead  for most of the game but pesky New York always stayed within striking
distance. Just when any pessimist would have headed to the parking lot New York
scored with 23 seconds left to play. After putting the extra point to bed  the New York
sideline erupted in a short celebration. The celebration was short because New York
Knew that there was enough time for Long Island to have another possession.

Long Island ran a hook and ladder play which was initially well disguised and brought
the crowd to it's feet with wild excitement. However, New York's dogged defense
eventually extinguished the play.
Fun and Games
Every one wins
is highly interactive. The day begins with a free fanfest
which includes several inflatable games and other
activities for youngsters.
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