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DeWitt Clinton VsSusan Wagner
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There comes a time in the season when there’s no more time for dancing around with opponents, the milk and cookies hour is over because only the
winner of any particular game will keep playing through. The conquering squad will advance and while the conquered will pack it in for next year.

In these games, quarterbacks had better be master passers and the whole team had better bring their “A” game. Anybody who wants to enjoy some
championship bling along with oodles of flowers had better be as rugged as the toughest jeeps made by any man. It’s simply time to hit the target
and put a “W” in the win column. These are the kind of games because everybody knows that the only thing the defeated will be shopping for is next
year’s first game and that’s just too far off to imagine.

These are the kind of backstories that make for phenomenal games. This was definitely the back story that set the stage for the semifinal game
between The Lady Governors of DeWitt Clinton and The Lady Falcons who hail from Staten Island’s Susan Wagner. Simply Priceless!

That’s My girl !

Football is a team sport and calls for team single mindedness. Both teams were fully supportive of one another, no matter where they were on the
field. Every effort was cheered by players who lined the sidelines. There were plenty of Atta-boys to go all around.  

There is no doubt that both teams went home with sore throats from all the cheering they did. Any break away plays were immediately rewarded with
cheering and hugs all around. These girls wanted this win bad and let nothing discourage then down to the last whistle. Defenses did their level best
to bend but not break as they profiled quarterbacks and other play makers with the keenest scrutiny known to man. You gotta love it because a
game of girls football is liable to swing in any direction and bring a bus load of excitement with it too ! In the end the Lady Falcons took the golden
ring home and set themselves up for a trip to the championship game !
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