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Leon Goldstein  Vs Susan Wagner
2016 New York City Girls Championship
We don’t know what it is, but Staten Island teams don’t do anything half-way!
To their credit, it doesn’t matter what the sport is, they’re always going to give any opponent every
bit of horsepower that they’ve got to give and then some. Now if you think for one moment that
quality is relegated to boys’ sports then you’d better think again.  Here the Big apple was
entertaining fans and family at Brooklyn’s Avaitor field Sports complex and once again a Staten
island team was contending for the crown. Flag football is a sport which is still in it’s infancy within
the city limits (but it’s growing at a phenomenal rate) . Amazingly, Staten island teams have a high
rate of success within the league.  More than once they’ve taken the throne and more often than
not they’ve been serious-serious contenders. So this year it wasn’t the gals from Tottenville
competing for the scepter, it was their fellow Staten islander, the ladies of Susan Wagner who
represented “the Rock” as Staten Islanders are affectionately referred to.  No one knows what gives
the natives their strong motors but we do know that if someone could bottle up that formula they’d
be rich for sure.

Now don’t even begin to think that the students from This borough have cornered the market on
intensity because other schools and teams have their own version of get up and go too! One of
such  schools are the young ladies from Leon Goldstein High who also have the habit of being on
or near the top of the city wide league when it comes to girls football inside the city’s metropolis.
Confirmation of this for us is seen through the lens as we watch many of the same faces year in
and year out galloping across the goal lines en route to more Dolphin touchdown for the last few
years. Further confirmation of this is seen in the record because the gals from Goldstein were
actually the defending champions who earned another trip to the fountain in order to sip the waters
of victory one more time.
But the Dolphins knew that there’d be no easy cruising to a second victory, trips to Disney or any
other vacation spots would have to wait until after they notch just one more win. No time to relax,
maybe later but Not now!  
So when the opening whistle was blown they charged down the field with a seriousness that proved
that they meant business. Now the back story was that the girls from Goldstein have run a customized
defense which proved to be pretty stingy all season long. On game day their finely crafted skills were
running on all cylinders as they basically played the Wagner team stride for stride and step for step.

But football is not only a game of inches , it’s also a  game where timing can be everything. The Lady
Falcons of Wagner didn't enter the contest with a record as impressive as The Dolphins. They’d
spent the season building a momentum that literally never turned off. They won when they had to,
they improved when they had to, they peaked when they needed to.

In keeping with that excellent blue ribbon ability to meet challenges they powered up to their top gear  
in the final seconds of the game and stopped The Dolphins air attack cold with just inches and
seconds to go in the game! The final score was 22-20 in favor of the Girls from Susan Wagner.
How’s that for intensity ???
Now if only someone could bottle it up and put a brand label on it. It wouldn't be a bad product at all !!
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