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2016  Martin Luther King Vs High School For Health Professionals
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Martin Luther King Vs H.S. Health Pros 2016
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We Want This Too !
Thank goodness tenacity isn’t commodity which can be owned by one entity. Time and again we find that this is especially true in girls’ sports and
football is no different. The size or skill of the opponent doesn’t matter, the scoreboard doesn’t matter, nor does the game clock.  Girls simply play like
they believe. And the Girls of the PSAL are no different, they want to put a ring on it…. a championship ring that is!

This pretty much sums up the backstory to the match between Martin Luther and the high school for Health Professionals. We’d covered the Health Pro’
s ( Lady Vipers ) before and knew what they were capable of ,simply fascinating to watch. Yet if you want to find a team who can not only disrupt your
flow but also capitalize on it, you don’t have to look any further than the MLK squad. That pretty much sums up the battle between the squads. The
Lady Vipers found their way to the end zone often enough that onlookers thought the team had rented real estate in the Manhattan side end zone. Yet
often enough The MLK team showed just how tenacious they could be by throwing up roadblocks in front of their opponents. These girls simply want to
win at the highest level and every notch they can put in their belts towards that end is simply just a little more insurance towards meeting that goal.

Without looking at the scoreboard  it’s very often it’s hard to tell who’s winning a PSAL girls game because everybody plays until the last whistle,
because everybody wants that win  and that’s just the way it should be!