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2016  Leon Goldstein Vs New Dorp: Legacies and Dynasties
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Leon Goldstein  Vs New Dorp
Legacies and Dynasties : Leon Goldstein vs New Dorp  2016 PSAL girls

Expectations can go such a long way towards achieving a goal that its positive effect can be hard
to really measure. To that end, when girls teams come from a school with a solid history of boys
football that fact can have an unmeasurable benefit.  Think about it: coaches who are already
quite familiar with the game don’t have to wing it because they already know the demands of
training young athletes for success on the gridiron. These coaches are adept at managing skill
and potential so as to get them all pointed in the right direction for the benefit of a team as a
whole. These are usually the teams who step onto the field with a unshakable and undeniable
swagger that's palpable from the very first day in the season. And then things usually simply gets
better from there.

This is no PlayStation game mind trick to one-up opponents….
It’s frankly one of the facts of the game.

The New Dorp High School is one of the schools inside of the Big Apple which fit that description
to a “Tee”. Their boys team is one with a storied history in the annals of NYC football. Cranking
out solid teams throughout the decades have been a regular feature of this Staten Island
educational institution. Typically,  New Dorp will produce teams which are at the very top of the
city league or they’ll be the type of team which plays so well that they make the best play better.

There is no telling what the Lady Cougars inherited from the boy’s team but the proof is probably
in the pudding. The girls played themselves to the top of the league and were particularly well
coached. The game between them and Leon Goldstein determined who was going to move on.
And just like the boys team tends to do, The Lady Jags forced Goldstein to play a better game!

Noobdy Told Them.

Now the Dolphins simply didn’t get that memo. They didn’t get it this season nor did they get it in
any of the past seasons since football started in this big city. From day one, years ago, the gals
from Goldstein were astounding and the scary thing is that they just kept getting better and
better. If they lost a game, it was often by the slimmest of margins. They've always appeared to
have oodles of unlimited  talent who performed such a high level that they usually hit  the target
that brought them win after win. Finally last year they won the whole kit-and-caboodle and took
the championship crown home.  Simply put, they were good but nobody told them that they
weren’t supposed to be this good this soon in their football lives.  

So even if you weren’t there, you can see this makes for a great back story for this battle
between the two schools. Everybody wanted a win and so everybody played ”I believe” football.
Play after play was exciting as each team struggled for the like their very lives depended on it!
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