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No one can deny that, like most other teams, The Teaneck Jr Highwaymen have had a rough winter! Even some of the
youngsters were overheard complaining about all the snow. So you can believe that they were more than happy to participate
in the mid-spring football clinic which the organization held last Saturday in Votee park.
New Faces

The Teaneck football program has churned out a few nationally recognized
athletes and most folks would like to think that the junior football program
contributed just a little to those successes. The Highwaymen clinic drew just
under 50 kids on the picture perfect day.
Considering that a solid number of veteran Jr Highwaymen were not present
because of their commitment to other spring sports that’s a pretty good turnout.
The faces of newly minted future highwaymen shined brighter than the sun as
they learned the football drills which will soon become a regular part of their
young lives.
Giving Back

Of course, rookie faces weren’t only seen among the players, there’s also new
manpower amongst the ranks of the coaching staff as well.
The young athletes were treated to a visit by one very familiar face, Rashad
White. Rashad is legendary within the annals of Highwaymen folklore. Rashad,
who is a product of the junior program, has done things on the football field which
are only to be believed by those who were there to see them! We’re not saying
that Rashad was super human but there were certainly times when crowds looked
for the “S” on his chest and youngsters may have wondered where he put his
cape during his football games. On this sunny Saturday Rashad gave focused
and direct instruction to the young budding athletes. Getting pointers from such a
football great is not a bad way to start an athletic career, not bad at all.
year’s program. Just over his shoulder stood the newly built Votee park sports complex which boasts facility which the Jr Highwaymen have not yet
experienced. The new complex boasts a modern turf field and plenty of seating for fans and family. The lighted stadium should serve as an excellent
backdrop for making more beautiful memories while churning out top notch superhero Highwaymen for generations to come!

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