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The whole reason for the event was the Super Bowl which was to take place right across the Hudson River in Rutherford, New
Jersey. Those fans showed up in droves to proudly proclaim their support for their teams. We’ve never seen so much orange and
green hair in the same place at the same time. But don’t think that Super Bowl Boulevard was only visited by Bronco and Seahawk
fans. This was a chance for football fans of all teams to put on their respective team colors in order to strut their stuff and that’s
exactly what they did. Everyone was smiles as they took selfies and stopped to enjoy impromptu celebrations with total strangers
who just happened to be fellow fans. Opposing groups of fans even stopped now and then for some good natured ribbing of  rivals
past and present. After a little cheering and shouting each group would head off in search of the next mini-party which was often
just a few feet away. We’ve never been to Mardi Gras but this was probably the   G –rated/ football version of it. So if you missed
it, you missed a great one!
The Action Was In The Streets

Of course, more than a few fans put on face paint, colored hair and other unique costumes. Down at the southern end of the
football festival fans gathered around the ESPN broadcast booth to cheer for their favorite teams while hoping to be seen in the
telecast. More than a few real characters came out on the boulevard to entertain the throngs of people. One of those characters
was Peter Rabbitson.
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You can bet that was the case last week In New York City where the NFL set up Super Bowl Boulevard.                      
Over 1.5 million people visited the 13 block stretch from 34th to 47th street of the world famous Broadway. The football themed
event which ran through the middle of Times Square was lined with everything from live TV broadcasts to a very popular toboggan
run. There were tons of interactive football attractions for football fans of all ages. There were concerts, football tosses and even a
chance to kick a goal. People literally came from all over the country and even from other countries to be a part of the many
pre-game events which took place.
always amaze the crowds which surround him. He’s so realistic that onlookers have the hardest time trying to decide if he’s a real
rabbit. As a real sports rabbit, Peter and his puppeteer handler make appearances at professional baseball and basketball games
in addition to football games.

As the sun began to set on Broadway on Saturday the Neon lights took on another appearance as wide eyed tourists and native
New Yorkers simply soaked it all in under the dazzling lights. Most folks transformed themselves into paparazzi as they used smart
phones to record themselves and their friends at the historic event. Sure, Sunday evening would bring the festivities to an end but
everybody who got a chance to visit Super Bowl Boulevard knew that this was where all the hottest pre-game action to be had
anywhere on the planet.

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