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Fighting Until The End
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When we covered the quad scrimmage at Hackensack High school back in August we found a few positive surprises. One of
those surprises was the Paramus Spartans. Though they were small in number on that particular day they were tough as nails,
even relentless. They actually seemed to grow stronger as the battle went on.

It was quite impressive to see Paramus weather the storm as they were barraged by the likes of Hackensack and Pascack
Valley, both of whom showed up in beast mode on that day. So, in the end, it didn’t surprise us to see that the tough little team
had fought its way into a shot at a title by season’s end.
 Opponents revisited

Now what happens to a team which starts it’s season out on a strong note?  Simply put, it gets stronger. That’s pretty much what
happened to Pascack Valley. To tell the truth, any parity between the teams at the beginning of the season had long
disappeared by the first kick off at Met Life Stadium. The Spartans were dealing with vastly superior forces and they knew it from
the start.
 No Quit Football

But football is not just a game of winning and losing. It’s not one of those things that kids give their best effort at when they’re on
the winning side of the ball. True to their apparent nature the Spartans showed up with everything they had to give play after
play. Almost as if to prove that very point they scored with about nine minutes left on the clock. By then The Indians were
rumbling on all cylinders and finished the contest with an impressive 32 to 8 victory.

If the Spartans hold their heads up the game will certainly spur them onto more successful seasons in the near future. As for
Pascack Valley, here’s a warning for future opponents: “get ready” because we’ve seen the
forthcoming brood and they’re
just as
dangerous as their predecessors.