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No one can deny that March madness is usually associated with basketball !
But girls across New York city seem to be adding a new meaning to the term.

If the definition includes the thought of intense enthusiasm then you might as well count these girls in !

Girls from various schools gathered at Brooklyn's Tilden high school on Saturday to prepare for the
upcoming girls flag season. For those who are new to the game it was a great  introduction to the basics of
the sport. The skills covered included flag pulling,passing and proper defensive coverage.

last year   being the Big Apple's maiden season for girls football, it was nice to see the continued
interest in the sport, with this being the third pre-season event.
The hosting Tilden squad were also among the notable players who took the field. The Lady Blue Devils  seem to
because they certainly brought some fire to the gridiron last season ,though not enough to win the league title.
The good news for them is that they've got a year's worth of experience under their belts and enough veteran
players to make a difference when it counts.

Just as we saw last year, there was plenty of skill to be seen everywhere. In fact, some  of these players
displayed skills which are normally seen in male players. No doubt there will be plenty of pleasant surprises on
the girls gridiron this season .

Football supervisor, Jen Blum, who is a leading receiver  for the New York Sharks, ran the event with the help of
coaches, who normally teach the sport to male athletes and there were more than a few pleasant surprises.

As the teams wrapped up the day they went off happy and prepared for the fast approaching spring season. It
was great for them to enjoy a sport which they love with their teammates as well as other team in the league. No
doubt , for each girl,  it was a comfort to know that girls all across the city love playing the game every bit as
much as they do.

And while it is still March, there is nothing mad about that !!!    
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present and accounted
for and didn't mind
showcasing their skills!

The Lady Mustangs,
who were a force to be
reckoned with last year,
were one of the teams
which stood out at the
event. As is customary  
for them, their skills
were among the best to
be seen on this
gorgeous Saturday
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