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game they play and that was certainly evident
when Dwight Morrow hosted their recent
Blair entered the match just eight days out of
the gate and turned in a solid team
performance, all things considered.  Though
they've got a few loose ends to tie up at the
moment, they're a cohesive bunch with talent
on both sides if the ball. Standout factors
include a solid backfield capable of dragging
any defenders who fail to get a solid hold on
ball carriers.  Their defense is also solid and
will be better once they minimize the few
miscues that popped up from time to time.
Expect Blair to grow from the outing and
prove to be a tough squad to handle.

Now, if this were an in season game, the win
would have gone to Dwight Morrow . There
would be endless talk of their speed and
athleticism on both sides of the ball .
They were told that the on field success of the program would extend far beyond the gridiron. Any student athlete who would wear a Dwight
Murrow uniform would have to understand that players would be expected to succeed in the class room and away from the school as well.
Concepts of “family” and personal responsibility were spoken of so that the player-students could succeed not only on the team but also in

Better Days
Now the Coaches and administrators at the school aren’t just blowing hot air at the team, they’re also putting their money where their mouth
is. Football players on the team, are given all sorts of educational support to advance. Tutorial sessions abound for the team as a means to
encourage and prepare them for college. There are even computers and study sessions in the locker room which the team makes ample use
of. Kudos the coach and his supporters who understand that its really about so much more than just football. With a gleam in his eye and a
wide smile Coach Harris informs us that the light has really turned on for the boys and they are actually truly
“all in !”

Speaking on the team’s ball playing skills, what is there to say? They’re a young team who’s coming into their own while rebuilding a legacy.
They’ll bring physicality to the game which is sure to give teams headaches. The thing which will probably prove to be the biggest problem for
most opponents is that DM is self-aware, fully cognizant of what they can do. No, they’re not cocky at all, just confident……all with good

The Backstory is that the upswing in the program’s momentum certainly brings some residual benefits as well. Folks in the town are feeling a
lot more optimistic about the program as seen by the support given to it. Good things are expected to come for the team both on and off the
field and that makesit a
win, win, win for everyone!