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having a ringside seat for world war III. Matt Sims, enroute to The NFL, had the hot hand at table and lead The Ironmen to a well-earned victory over a
powerful The Marauders.

For this season, the long standing Ironmen have been vanquished to the stands but you can expect them to return with a vengeance next year to make a
solid run to reclaim the throne. Oddly enough, as is common knowledge, it was a prominent young prince who left the Iron Kingdom only to help topple it and
win last year’s title as a member of Paramus Catholic.

The young prince, Jabrill Peppers, has grown into a young king who continued to sack teams all season long so as to end up at the tournament in search of
another title. Now don’t think for a minute that this is all about Peppers because he’s got a whole host of teammates who are just as dangerous as he is. If the
opposition was looking for this to be “The Peppers show” they were initially disappointed. In the beginning Jabrill played more of a solid supporting role to his
talented team. He turned in solid blocking and defensive performances but it was the Paladin’s other offensive weapons who were heating things up.

On the other side St Peters presented a solid team and Quarterback Brandon Wimbush is a notable standout amongst the near perfect Marauders. This kid
shakes things up on the gridiron and has dangerous hands and feet. Unfortunately, Wimbush left the game early and didn’t return, probably due to injury.
Look for this junior to do his level best to lead his team back here next season. If the QB had stayed in the game the outcome might have been different
though it couldn’t have been more exciting. The Paladin defense was both stingy and electric as the team bit down hard on its lead while the seconds ticked
off the clock and ushered them into a second state title.
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