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It's been a while since we had a chance to cover the Brooklyn tomahawks. In fact, the last time we covered
them we were shooting film instead of the digital format that is common todayIt's always good to see that
some things don't change. The Brooklyn  natives were a hard working bunch years ago and that continues
to be the case. Every from coaches to support staff as well as players work hard to put a notch in the win
column. It was a pleasure to get out in the cool sunny fresh fall air and watch The Cadet team host a lively
contest against The Springfield Rifles.
This year’s Cadets are still ironing out some of the early season kinks but they’re putting in their best effort and it shows.  Now across
the field The Rifles were putting in a good bit of work of their own.  Though we've  never covered the Rifles, we've covered the high
school teams which their alumni attend. Looking at the tight knit well organized  Rifle organization it’s no surprise that the high schools
which they feed with talent usually are among the best the city has to offer .  On the grid iron both teams went to work from the first
whistle to the last.
future opponents of the Tomahawks shouldn't sleep on them or their ability especially as they keep working to rise to mid season form.

Game shots have been posted