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This weekend we payed a visit to Rosedale queens to
visit the
Rosedale Jets. For so many reasons this was
some of the best pee wee football we've seen, ever. The
Jets run a highly structured organization which places
high demands on everyone involved in the program.  A
high premium is placed on respect for self, team mates
and especially coaches. We've got to say it’s refreshing to
see kids respond, “Yes Sir”  en mass.
In the next game the jets gold squad took on Bethpage. The first thing which impressed us about Bethpage was the
coaching staff. The coaches present an outstandingly cohesive unit which some college coaches might envy. It seems
that everybody is on the same and working towards  the same goal. Add to that the fact that there are plenty of
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The field which sits less than a stone’s throw from JFK
airport gets plenty of use as game after game is played
on any given Sunday. We covered just two of the Jet's
teams. In the first game the Senior black team as the tooK
slacks, ties and jackets when traveling. There’s no doubt
Parental involvement is high and the teams even dress in
that the formative lessons which athletes are supposed
slacks, ties and jackets when traveling. There’s no doubt
to learn in their early years are being taught here.
Yet with the start of the second half a new Jets team took the field. They became increasingly more confident with every defensive
stop and every first down. They literally stopped walking back to the huddle and moved with a real purpose as they collectively
sensed that it was truly possible for them to win. But in the end they were victims of time as the Eagles held on for the win 26 to 20.
The Jets  believed but they just waited a little too long to do so. Hopefully next time they’ll  believe a lot sooner in the game so that
victory will be theirs. No doubt, It’s a lesson best learned early in the season.

Interestingly enough the Jets Senior Black and the Senior Gold squads were at one time one and the same. Before the split they won
championship titles two years in a row.  This season the teams were split into the Black and Gold teams respectively. Now while each
of the teams might still be trying to get their sea legs there’s no doubt that each of them has the potential to present a formidable foe
to any opponent. Who knows, either team could be a contender for a third crown.

Perhaps all the gotta do is believe.

Truth be told, they probably couldn't’ be in a better organizational environment to do so!
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