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High school Freshmen football  in any school brings with it many new things. Players get a chance to meet
firsthand a new level of play which they didn't  even know existed. It can be a precarious time in a young
athletes life when he may start to doubt himself and his abilities. While these young budding athletes meet
upperclassmen who jokingly refer to them as "Fresh Meat" they also meet coaches who can teach and push
them beyond  the freshmen jitters and who ultimately show them that they can truly play at this level.

Many of these things were evident on Saturday as Teaneck's Freshmen squad Hosted
Eastside in the
preseason final scrimmage. No doubt about it both of these teams showed future promise as a good
smattering of family and friends cheered from the sidelines. Both teams showed up with good size on the line
and displayed varying bouts of skill on both sides of the ball.

Teaneck's young guns were no doubt more confident and it showed in more consistent play. Yet Eastside
could be best described as a sleeping giant. The Ghosts were a little light on the bench with noticeably fewer
players to call on and yet they held their own despite the odds.  In football it's really this kind of opposition
that builds great teams, and they definitely showed moments of future promise. All they gotta do is keep
working hard and believe!

Regardless of which side you were rooting for, both teams have plenty to be proud of!
Scrimmage shots have been posted.
         2011 Teaneck Freshmen Vs Eastside