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Taj Smith ,     Zamir Cobb  Joe Porter    and Waliyy Dixon gathered on the hardwood of Teaneck high
school  to play a lot of  basketball and raise funds for a great cause!

Now we know that round ball never gets reported here at Footballshooters  but  a lot of folks enjoy seeing
just how well football players do when transplanted to another sport.
Saturday's event couldn't  have come at a
better time. With so many cuts in educational
funding, schools can use all the help they
can get. That's where  former NFL player
Lonnie Allgood  and his organization,
Dreams For Kids,  comes in. Mr Allgood is
an excellent motivational speaker with a keen
interest in building student  character and
self esteem.  

Self respect as well as respect for others are
also pretty high on Mr Allgood's  list of
priorities, especially with so many cuts to
character building programs throughout the
D.J. Matt and Teaneck's very own Terpsichoreans, It was time for the main event:
The NFL players Vs
Teaneck's Police and Fire Departments. There was a healthy
dose of good natured competitiveness on both sides of the court. The game was
Each of the games was a one quarter event, interspersed with entertainment from
so good and captivating  that no one seemed to care what the final score was. This
is probably because  when the smoke cleared it was evident that everyone was a
winner, especially the students !
Event shots  have been posted .
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So Saturday's game was a great chance to raise some funds for those cut programs and judging by what we saw
everyone had a great time while doing so. The event, which was sponsored in part by
Otterstedt Insurance,
seems to have been a success with the gym nearly filling to capacity. Many of the
town's youth couldn't  wait to
get an autograph from the NFL players who attended.

The NFL players had a full dance card in store for them after warming up on the floor. Many of the high school's
varsity squad were on hand to play the gridiron gladiators.  Judging from the play of the pro athletes some of
them were probably twp-sport athletes in their high school days. They knew their way around the paint, no matter
who stepped up against them.

Things started off with a good natured hi-jinx game against the youth squads before working up to the high
school boys team.        
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NFL players,taj smit,.nf players play basketballl.teaneck firemen.teaneck police play basketball,