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When the smoke cleared it seems that most of the teams went home pleased with the results on some level,
all of which indicates that we're in line for some good football this season.

Oddly enough, a little more than an hour after the scrimmage ended the northeast experienced a rare
earthquake.  Now, we know that some of the young guns who were dishing out punishment at the scrimmage
would like to think that the quake was an  aftershock which resulted from their efforts on the field.  For those
who think so, we can assure them that the epicenter was located considerably south of Union City .
Nevertheless, we look forward to any rumbles that these and other teams bring to north Jersey  football this
season !

Event shots have been posted !
Well, here we are on the doorstep of the 2011 season and things are already being shaken up on the
gridiron,almost literally.

Tuesday afternoon was a great day for some football as The Union City Eagles  hosted the event at their great
rooftop stadium.Sidebar: The Eagles facility boasts amenities which any team in the league could envy and the
view from the top is bested by none!

No doubt the coaches were eager to see what kind of game-time thunder their young wards will bring to
opponents when put to the test . So at 10:00 am
Union City , Livingston,  Cliffside Park and Teaneck
squared off round robin style on the 50 yard line.  You can be sure that there were plenty of tremors being
dished out as offenses and defenses alternated every ten plays.