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Article: Inside The PSAL

This is doubly true when the Friday afternoon bell signals not only the end of the day but also the end of the week.
But this is not always the case since learning comes in so many forms.
It even takes place on the gridiron.

Fast forward to last Friday at New Utrecht’s field, a place that still has the comfortable touch of an old Brooklyn
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It’s not possible for exciting games to take place on this recessed  field without attracting the gaze of passers by. Every
inch of fence quickly gets occupied, especially when half of the fans include a good chunk of New Utrecht’s student body
erupting in loud cheer! The Utes hosted The Red Devils of Flushing.
midst of a rebuilding year they didn't seem to let down.  From where we sit we’ll take a tenacious, young, inexperienced team any day of the week
because it’s a great foundation to build on and the Utes have that much going for them.

Lesson two came from the Red Devils who are gunning for the playoffs. Few folks would think that a winning team would get as much of a post
their victory.  The shrewd coaches could discern that their young wards were in need of a few reminders if they were going to get the most out of
this meteoric season.  Reminders in things that make a difference both on the field and off the field. Reminders of responsibility and
accountability. Reminders in self respect and respect for the team they represent both on and off the field. Reminders, especially, in the little
game talking to as the defeated club. But that’s exactly what the astute coaches heaped upon the fledgling Devils who were basking in the glow of
things ; because so often it’s the little things that make all of the difference between winning and losing not only in football but also in the game of
life!  Bravo to the coaching staff for fully fulfilling their roles, how true these words are!

Only time will tell if they were listening.
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