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When covering varsity games we often
run across Junior varsity players who
express a strong desire for coverage
as well.
Because of staffing and time
limitations our focus ( pun unintended)
is usually locked onto teams at the
varsity level. In the past we've been
able to make a quick foray or two over
into the land of Junior varsity football
and we've never been disappointed. In
fact, we've most often been pleasantly
surprised at the skill and intensity
which many Jv players bring to the
table. So we've decided to make it a
point to dedicate at least one weekend
each season to covering  Junior
Varsity ball.
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Our first stop this weekend was to the cavernous campus of John F Kennedy up in the Bronx. The red Knights
took on the Wolves of Grand Street Campus High school.

It was easy to see why both of these varsity teams churn our hard playing teams during most seasons. Playing
with all of the vigor of their varsity counterparts both squads went at each other full tilt. Truth be told it was
great to get a glimpse at the future lettermen who are soon to grace the ranks of the varsity level. All we can
tell future opponents is that there are a few play makers on both of these teams.

Next we briefly stopped in to the match between Dewitt Clinton and Erasmus Hall.  The Dutchmen traveled to
the Bronx to put  a check in the win column against the Governors.  On this particular day the Brooklyn natives
seemed to have more gusto than Clinton could contend against. But foolish is the opponent who count the
Governors out of any match.
The varsity  team has the nasty trait of playing some very strong willed football and we'd like to think the JV
squad displays the same habit .
the Hudson  to cover the game between Teaneck's JV
crew and Bergen Catholic's Crusaders.

Sometimes a JV game shows future promise, sometimes
Highway- men and the Crusaders showed both.

Both teams got off to a solid start on both sides of the
ball and definitely had moments of vibrant play.  But
victory often goes to the team who makes fewer mistakes
and who capitalizes on the errors of their opponents. So
the win went to the red zealots.

In the end any stalemate between the teams was toppled
by Bergen Catholic as they rallied forcefully to let their
presence be felt by the young Highwaymen who have a
good number of budding athletes themselves.

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