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Article: Inside The PSAL Kipp NYC College Prep
A Great Place To Come Home To
This is the time of the season when home comings abound throughout northeast football. It’s a time when alumni students love to return
to their beloved alma mater.
The Bayside Commodores had stands full of current and former students, family and friend s cheering
them on against Jamaica High School. Last year the Jamaica squad lost
a real pad pounder to Christopher Columbus in a quadruple
over time game. Jamaica’s bench is a bit lighter this season but that old fire is still there. On this day however Bayside had everything it
needed to match whatever the queens natives threw at them and won the contest resoundingly. It was a perfect fall day for football as
moms busied themselves providing crowds with an ample amount of hot dogs and burgers.
The homecoming fun didn't’ stop there as we also covered the double
header homecoming games over at
Kipp NYC College Prep. Truth be
told Kipp, if we were to rate all of the homecomings we've ever covered
Kipp’s homecoming would snag the first place ribbon in that category!
Kipp  didn't’  have any returning alumni to speak of because it’s a such
a new educational institution that there are no alumni to speak of.  The
school is located on the sprawling Mott Haven college style facility up in
the Bronx. If we got it right, the facility houses five separate schools
within it’s walls. As one of the staff members put it, it’s a rare jewel in the
More Football And More Fun
Not only is the facility impressive architecturally but what stands
out so more is the environment in which these students go to
school. There is a definite bond between the students and
teachers there is a definite feeling of family floating around.

The festive environment was so pleasant that visiting
Stuyvesant fans seemed to enjoy the merriment as well.  
who is the school’s bulldog mascot, kept the crowd entertained
with his antics and dancing while the DJ spun records. The
band, cheerleaders and the dance troupe all participated to
make the affair a successful one! There’s no doubt a lot of work
went into preparing and running the event, kudos to everyone
involved. The first game was against Stuyvesant’s Jr. Peglegs  
who undoubtedly held the upper hand against Kipp. But Kipp is
season. We saw great attitudes in all the right places so they
should definitely continue to grow under the hands of their
patient coaches who will no doubt continue to teach them.
In the second game the varsity squadron battled against the senior Peglegs in a real dogfight. Kipp entered the game at
0-5 but you wouldn't’  know it by the way they played. Both teams parried one another’s offensive and defensive efforts in ways that had
the enthusiastic crowd on the edge of it’s collective seat. In the end, the more battle hardened Stuyvesant took the hard earned victory.
We know that when the smoke cleared both teams had to feel the aches that come along with such a tough game.

So while Kipp has yet to graduate it’s first senior class we know that in the interim students and staff will continue to grow, flourish and
build memories.  The kind of good memories that are worth remembering . So when the call goes out for homecoming after they
graduate they’ll be quick to respond. After all it’s a great place to come home to.

Game and event shots have been posted below.
Kip Students entertain crowds at homecoming
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Kipp's Varsity squad pounded it out with
Stuyvesant's Peglegs as the second half of this fall
double header.
The Jr Bulldogs opened up the day against the Jr
Peglegs. No doubt the young Peglegs are a
comparatively solid team. But the young pups have all
the right attitudes and tenacity that should make them a
contender in time
Dash  did for visitors last weekend over at Kipp NYC up in the Bronx. There were so many shots of folks having a
great time that we created a separate
gallery just for them.