Water Soaked Warriors- Shots Posted  
The recent high fall humidity was
literally washed away from New Jersey
football fields Saturday night by
soaking showers which were
immediately followed by crisp fall air.
Smash mouth football played on this
backdrop is muddy and gritty, the kind
of stuff where many legendary players
have romped over opponents almost
at will.  While the game between
Teaneck and Wayne Hills wasn't
legendary, a few players did have a
great game. The Patriots Andrew
Monaghan, pictured was one of those
players. The fleet footed back seemed
to be all over the place as Wayne hills
adroitly handled the Highwaymen,
handing them a 34-0 loss.  
Looking down the road the Patriots are already knuckling up for the next opponent. Not only are they a team which has
a tradition of winning, they certainly know how to snatch victory from the jaws of defeat as they did in last years
championship game when they beat Old Tappan with scant seconds left on the clock
at Giants stadium.
What does the season hold for them?

Only time will tell !

Game shots have been posted
While there were some defensive miscues we didn't see a general let down by Teaneck. Late in the game the blue ones
could be seen making acrobatic catches and gang tackling. And while there were definite moments when the
Highwaymen's potential flashed on offense the effort was often stymied by one thing or another. Yet, through the let
downs there was no head hanging here and that's always a good sign.
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The Pats seem to have set their sights on another championship appearance and are off to a good start. Prior to the
first snap their record stood at 3-0. There's one thing that scores don't always reflect..... and that's effort. Now let it not
be said that the Highwaymen simply laid down and gave the victory to Wayne.
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