Just when you think you've seen it all in New York City's PSAL the teams within the league kick things
up a notch and show you something new. This weekend's coverage started in Brooklyn on Friday with
a slug- fest as  Flushing  visited the Chiefs over in Canarsie. It seemed as though Flushing played like
a man with a 20 pound chip on it's collective shoulder and something to prove. Yet Canarsie isn't a
team to take lightly either,as is their tradition.
Returning to the field after halftime, the gridiron gladiators continued right where they left off
wowing the crowd under a full moon. Game play continued on the same high level but in the end
"E-Hall" proved to be too much for Sheepshead.
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Every player and coach in the PSAL has
our respect, this is especially the case
when it comes to the players from
Columbus and Jamaica! On Saturday
both of these teams met in the Bronx for
what was to be a "regular" season game
but there was nothing regular or normal
about it!  Both teams poured the effort on
hard and heavy for four quarters but each
team's defense was just sharp enough to
keep the other team from scoring. So at
the end of the game the score remained
tied at zero. That's when both teams really
started to grind things out.
Quadruple  overtime !
For four more quarters the Blue Steel and the Beavers played the kind of exhaustive never quit  
football that you'd see in a rocky movie. The crowd stayed on it's feet as each possession of the
pigskin was neutralized  by the opposing defense. On top of that If Columbus scored on it's
possession Jamaica would match them point for point only to send the game into a second,third and
fourth overtime until Columbus scored the decisive blow.

If football is a game where an athlete's mettle gets tested then both of these teams deserve a pat on
the back for playing a great game of non stop football. Parents and fans were happy and proud of
both teams.....
One more time
Now you didn't think the weekend's action in the PSAL or the Bronx stopped there did you?

There was still plenty of pigskin being played in the Bronx as New Utrecht met Lehman on the sunny
turfed field of Alfred E. Smith.  We've got to say that this was one of the most action packed games
we'd covered this weekend. Both the Lions and the Utes have a few play makers on both sides of the
ball who let their presence be felt at key times in the game. But in the end, Lehman put a notch in the
"W" column. Those shots will also soon be posted but for now they're included in the quick video above.
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Usually that combination makes for a great game of
football and the teams didn't disappoint. The action
was non stop but Flushing bested the Chiefs by the
time the last whistle was blown.  Later on, over at
Aviator field Erasmus Hall and Sheepshead Bay met
under the lights for a great night game which couldn't
be described as anything less than electric.  Both the
Sharks and the Dutchmen are talent rich on both
sides of the ball and capable of upstaging a rival at
any time so that kept the game play ramped  up. The
stands were full of future opponents for both teams
.We spotted players from Lincoln and Jefferson in the
crowd. Not only did the game play keep the crowds
on their feet but the halftime DJ got the crowd up too.
Moved by the music fans of both teams got together
for lighthearted impromptu  dance  competition.
PSAL 2010: Early Season Action
2010 Article:
Here's a quick video of the weekends PSAL games while we post the game shots