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The Early Report
The Early Report
Nothing happens smooth and easy in New York and we mean that in the best way possible. The start of the PSAL season is a perfect
example of that.

Most often a season will start pretty quiet with a few teams showing signs of future greatness early in the season and simply playing
progressively better as the weeks go by. Of course the "Usual  Season" also includes the handful of teams that establish an early
dominance and simply grind the season out until they win it all or get knocked out of the box all together.

Well, throw that old model out of the window, or at least sit it on the shelf for now!!!
Several teams have entered the season playing at or better than mid season football. One thing which comes with this elevated playing
level is that more teams will have the physical and mental toughness to scrap it out in an early season game as though they were playing
a playoff or championship game.  

A great example of this was Friday's game between Dewitt Clinton and Susan Wagner. From where we sat we could see no quit in either
team as each raced for the win. Not one single player on either team seemed fazed by what the scoreboard said since  each play was
just another opportunity to turn the game.  And you can believe they thrilled the crowd with every snap of the ball.  
In the end the Governors snatched victory from the jaws of defeat. This was a game that had to be watched until the very last play.

The great part is that like both of these teams there are more than a few teams in the PSAL who are either giants or giant killers and
only time will tell one from the other. So strap up because it looks like there's some great pigskin on the horizon!!!

See you on the sidelines...