Visiting The Twins 2007
Goldsack Twins Grind It Out On The Gridiron
Goldsack Twins Grind It Out On The Gridiron
In February of 2007 The NFL and  The New York Giants hosted the First annual
Girls only football camp at Giants Stadium. It was at that camp that we met the,
"Twins." Our introduction to Jenna and Paige Goldsack was quite funny: Initially we
saw one girl who was all over the place, every where we looked there she was. She
was catching, throwing and running all over the field.  For the better part of the first
day we thought we were simply  observing one very fast and energetic girl .
Towards the middle of the first day, when we saw them tossing the football to each
other, we realized that this "very active gir"l was actually a twin

A few weeks later we learned that the  girls actually played football on a boys team!
Earlier this season we packed up our gear and headed out to Rutherford New
Jersey's high school  as the freshman team took on West Wood New Jersey's
freshmen team.
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The weather was great for football as
the teams stepped out onto the field on
the crisp and cool fall morning.  

Freshmen generally love photographic
attention, especially since such lens
action is usually reserved for senior
players! Sure enough  both freshmen
teams played with the high spirited
energy which one would hope for .    
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The Goldsack girls are certainly
not here for window dressing.
They've got a full list of chores on
the team. They were seen
handling responsibilities on the  
offensive line, the kick off team as
well as the punt team. High energy
and eagerness are the way they
participated in the girls camp and it
certainly remained a visible trait for
the Goldsacks on this day.
Clearly the girls are playing well
on this level. They certainly don't
stand out as being different than
their teammates.

Opponents may not even be
aware that they're girls.  No doubt
they're holding their own on the

Their father, who remains one of
their biggest fans, confirms for us
that the girls will be in attendance
at the next All-girls JPD mini camp.

Who knows, maybe they'll bring a
few of their classmates with them
to the ever growing event.
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