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On Thanksgiving morning in Hackensack
New Jersey Coach Art Mazzacca spoke to
his Highwaymen in the visitors locker room
his Highwaymen in the visitors locker room
on the far side of the Comet's field.  
The stands were full of students,band
members ( from both schools ) alumni, staff
and family members.  The bands had
marched into the stadium accompanied by
twirlers, cheerleaders,and an assortment of
other school related groups.

According to sources this was the 79th time
the two teams had met for the annual classic
There Is No Tomorrow !
Since the two towns share a common border it shouldn't surprise
anyone to hear that some "border crossing" goes on from time to time.  
A couple of Teaneck's coaches who played for Hackensack as teens
engaged in some good natured taunting with some of Hackensack's
coaching staff who remembered them well as boys.
Alumni were on hand for both teams by the dozen, some who hadn't
missed the game for over twenty years. The mood was festive and
there were plenty of hugs to go around as alumni band members
intermingled  with current ones.  But now with only a few moments to go
before the teams took the field Coach Mazzacca inspired his team.
One of the chief points Coach Mazzacca stressed was that there was
"No Tomorrow!" In spite of all the team had gone through, despite the
breaks that didn't go their way or the expectations that weren't  met, this
was it ! There would be no more chances for this class of sseniors to
leave it all on the field and so this was the time to make a memory which
would last them the rest of their lives!
If coaches could bottle and sell effective inspirational speeches some of them would make a
fortune, and Coach Mazzacca's words would be a best seller because the Highwaymen went out
and made some great memories. The level of play we saw from the Highwaymen was that which
was not to be believed! Truth be told, we saw the team which we always
suspected  was there.

But be careful before you write the Comets off because apparently their coaches were giving
them some of the same inspiration and that's what made for a great football game!
Acrobatic catches and a refusal to loose were not only shown by the Highwaymen but the
Comets showed a great deal punch too. We're firm believers that rarely does the scoreboard
tell the whole story and that was certainly the case here as both teams jockeyed for dominance.
Oddly enough both teams entered the game with identical records and it was evident that The Comets are another team who
showed a lot of promise and talent and could have been a contender this season.

But at this point it was all about pride, for both teams.....

In the end Teaneck out performed The Comets and took the game.

As is often the case with such games there were as many tears on one side line as the other. Irregardless of the scoreboard
senior players and coaches from both teams were touched by the fact that this game was the end of a major milestone in their

Game shots have been posted !