How The Mighty Have Fallen !  
Inside New York's PSAL
As New York City's  schools prepare for the
championship game between
Abraham Lincoln
Fort Hamilton ( to be played at
The World Famous Yankee Stadium ) fans
can't help but to look back at some of the great
teams which have fallen in this season's gridiron
battles. Teams with heavy hitters who went out
fighting for every inch and who ripped the doors
off the hinges on their way out too!  

Some of the teams we covered who garner
applause for the kind of rough and rugged play
which forced winning opponents to step up their
game include:
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and the list goes on!  So while the score board and the game clock have the final say on who wins and who loses
there are other factors which determine which teams are real contenders of the game and worthy of respect.
Winning teams and players know when they've been in a real battle with tenacious hard hitting warriors of the grid
iron and that probably makes any victory all the more valuable.

Interestingly enough, even teams with low win/loss records  
have produced individual  players who are league leaders in
tackles, passes or yardage gained.

So What does it all mean?

It means that no team or player in the league should have
been taken lightly and no doubt some teams got burnt this
year because of doing so.
No doubt one or two teams found that they were in the ring with a tough opponent whose records didn't reflect
their tenacity. It means that now as the dust settles and we see the last two teams standing we all expect a great
championship game regardless of the outcome. Why?

Because every team in the league who has fallen by the wayside made them earn the right to play in the
championship game, inch by inch !
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