About Us
It's mid August during one of the hottest summers you can
remember. As you sip on a tall glass of cold sweetened iced tea
while sitting in a lovely air conditioned room , how grateful  you are
that you don't venture out into that sweltering heat
However, chances are that not too far away, quite a few young men
are out in that heat,sweating enough to fill several tall glasses.
They're in the midst of training for the upcoming football season.
Yes they're training to win but they're also training to entertain you
on one of those soon to arrive fall nights.
This site was created as a community service. We believe that
athletes should have something personal to take away from their
games. Mementos, if you will and nothing quite fits the bill like
pictures. The photos on this site
On this site you'll see great physical feats captured in small snippets
of time. Athletes performing at levels which even they are unaware of
until they see the photos. You'll see a Gazelle-like running back
spontaneously leap over two defenders in a heart beat   without
hesitation. Maybe you'll marvel when you see the strength of an
offensive tackle as he singlehandedly holds off two hard charging
linemen. Because the scoreboard may often not reflect the intensity of
a game between two teams our definition of a "Good" or "Great
Game"  will usually have nothing to do with the score. Football is a
game where the mettle of a team as well as the individuals on that
team gets tested. If we look through our lenses and see two teams
" No Quit Football " you can bet we're going to report that as a good
game.  In such games we do believe there are no losers regardless of
what the scoreboard says.
Now if you're an athlete who is pictured on this site,you may very well
be surprised at what you've done during a game. Maybe you didn't
know what you'd done  because the moment passed so quickly.
Maybe you forgot, until you see the pictures.
Located in the New York tri-state area we provide this service free of
charge. We have covered high school and youth football in New York
and New Jersey for 6 years. We intend to cover a much wider area in
the future.
Privacy policy: We do not collect any personally identifiable
information from visitors who take peruse or right click photos from
this site.