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2011 NYC Championship At Yankee Stadium
The Elizabeth Packers hosted several match ups against Paterson’s Bulldogs just a stones throw from Port Elizabeth.

While Cargo ships, tugs and tankers can be seen cruising in the background of every play, that wasn't’t the only freight being tossed around on
this gorgeous sunny day. While the Bulldogs show the definite promise of teams who’ll be solid by season’s end, the packers bring a full load of
opposition on every play, on all levels!  We covered the Unlimited, pee wee and Jr midget games and there was plenty of solid action to be seen

Both organizations had kids who had great ball skills with excellent responses to any unscripted  action that came their way.
North Jersey Pop Warner On A Roll !  
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New York City Girls  Play Historic Game
While New jersey High school teams are just getting their season off to a start, their pee wee counterparts have already  been at it for a week or
two.  Our recent visit to Elizabeth New Jersey proves that the Pop Warner players are already playing in high gear.
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This was one of those games where the backstory was every bit as exciting as
the game itself. Feeling the effects of a rugged season the Burn were running
low on manpower and being able to field a team was becoming questionable at
one point. But these gals do whatever they can to play this game, one which
they love.
No, we’re not encouraging pyromania, were simply introducing the Baltimore
Burn. While Baltimore may be famous for the Orioles and the Ravens there’s
another notch they can put on their belts, a tough women’s football team.

The Burn traveled up to play The New York Sharks last week in what was the
last regular season game for both teams. The Sharks, showed up decked out
with pink uniform accents in support of breast cancer awareness.

There were also a good number of alumni Sharks who popped in to visit and
give their support to the current crop of Shark players.
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Some of their retired players came out of retirement to fill the roster and played on little to no practice at all. Reactivated players blended with current players
and played a game which was all heart from beginning to end on both sides of the ball. They’ve certainly got a mindset which epitomizes the sport.

In the ever growing sport of women’s football the ladies understand how important it is to do things for the growth of the sport as a whole. So the Sharks really
appreciated the effort of the Burn to play the game. There were kudos all around as the Sharks showed their appreciation to the growing Burn who actually
come from one of Americas football factories.

The off season will bring continued building to the Burn and they’ll get plenty of support from the Shark players and staff.

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Two -A- Days
One of the things that stands out is their hard-headed defense that appears fast, flexible and fluid. Like hungry dogs chasing one bone, the whole defense
gets hungry for a piece of any ball carrier and they don't stop until they hear a whistle or get a piece of the quarry.

Of course, this year’s crew isn't fully battle tested, so only time will tell.

Practice shots have been posted.
Initially, when you roll up to the Hackensack comets field you may have some difficulty
differentiating freshmen players from varsity. That just goes to show how big the
incoming freshmen are this season.

Last year's varsity team did pretty good for itself but didn't manage a championship slot
for the state sectionals. This season, the team is dealing with the mass exodus of
seniors, so for them it's a rebuilding year.

On this particular day the varsity crew was cross border in New York tending to other
combatants at a tournament. The freshmen squad was left home to defend the castle
against live fire fromthe Crusaders of Bergen Catholic and they didn't look bad in doing
so at all.

The first year of high school football can be a bit of a culture shock for some
youngsters, especially if it's the first time they're ever playing football.
All in all the Comets looked solid as one or two recent grads graced the sidelines along with the coaches to lend a hand with the tenderfoot gridders.  It's
clear that if these young Comets keep progressing they may prove to be as lethal as last year's team.

As for the Crusaders, they performed at the level which folks have come to expect from B/C. We didn't observe overly large size on the lines but the kids
who manned the interior borders were certainly solid and more than capable of opening and closing holes as needed. As a team, this years freshmen are
smart, energetic, fast and very talented.  No doubt, they’ve got the potential to live up to the crusader legacy.

Game shots have been posted.
During the lazy days of summer there can be no mistaking the cloud of
dust or the clapping sound of pads that rises from football fields on those
early August mornings.  Thundering cleats chew through the low cut grass
long before the dew has a chance to burn off in the hot a.m. sun.

With the official start of the season just a few weeks away, teams are
working full time to strap on as many extra layers of toughness as

Part of that preparation includes two- a- days and the Teaneck
Highwaymen were knee deep into their August drills when we passed
through recently. The highwaymen have the kind of storied history that
produced the NFL’S Tamba Hali and Lance Ball.  Like other teams in the
league, they've certainly had their moments when they were among the
front runners in northern New Jersey.

From the looks of things, this Year’s varsity squad should be able to find a
top spot on the pages of the Highwaymen's history books. Though they're
a little young, they seem ready to tussle with all comers but time will tell for
Teaneck Pee Wee Vs West Oranage
Girls Clinic "Green Screen" Images
Teaneck Vs Hackensack
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Bergenfield Freshmen: Don't Sleep On These Bears   
No one in Bergen County could miss the great fall weather that Saturday
morning brought to the region, great football weather indeed.

Pulling up to Bergenfield High School the enthusiasm of the crowd almost
literally spills over the top of the stadium walls and onto the street below.
Parents, family and friends are gathered in the sunny cool morning air to
cheer the Freshmen Bears on to victory against Pascack Valley. In fact the
excitement isn’t emanating only from the Bear’s sideline, plenty of sound can
be heard cross field from the Pascack crowd as well.

The Bears freshmen corps is a small but compact unit. They’ve got some size
and at least a few athletes with the wheels needed to skirt quickly around the
corner on defenders. Their defense certainly has moments of quickness and
stubborn stinginess. They’re certainly in the process of “gelling” as a team
and should prove to be formidable once that process is complete.

Unfortunately for them, they were playing a team who is farther along in that
gelling process. Over the years, whenever we’ve covered them, Pascack
Valley, has proven to be a beast.  
On this particular day, the freshmen corps showed themselves to be following in that same tradition. In fact, this group of freshmen may, in time, amplify the school’s
gridiron presence since they’re pulling talent from a wider geographic area. The School merger allows teens from different towns to play as one solid unit and the
adjustment certainly appears seamless to the outside onlooker. Kudos to the coaches who make it all work.

Look for both teams to continue to grow to their full potential. It should certainly continue to be exciting to watch.

Game shots have been posted
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2013 Jr Highwaymen Defend Their House  
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No football season really starts out right unless there’s a pep rally to celebrate
the upcoming season. If you don’t believe that then you can just ask the
Highwaymen of Teaneck. Win lose or draw the Highwaymen football team gets
plenty of support from the marching band, twirlers and cheerleaders.

Now, you won’t just hear cheering from these fellow students on game day,
they , their support starts long before that. The fact is that the Highwaymen
have been holding two in season pep rallies for years. The first one takes
place in early fall at the very start of the fall sports season. The second pep
rally is combined with a bon-fire and comes at the end of the season.  The
second Pep rally comes at the end of spirit-week which is celebrated by the
entire student body. This second pep rally comes the day before the football
team plays the Annual football game against cross-town rival, Hackensack.

This is a game which has been played against The Comets for over 80 years!  
This is also the pep rally where Alumni from all years show up to support the
current Highwaymen and there certainly is no shortage of enthusiasm as they
kick things into high gear in preparation for the next day’s game.
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Past Teaneck Pep Rallies !!!
One of those schools which has always amazed us is
Teaneck’s Highwaymen. They’ve almost always had a
ton of talent and have in some years surprised many
an opponent with what they could do.
Back in 2006
their defense played cat and mouse with solid
league contenders for more than half of the season
and they even beat the green Knights of Montvale,
something which turned quite a few heads.

Paramus has also had some solid years where they
also beat everything which came their way. But like
the Highwaymen they had some years where things
just didn’t work out. During the
2013 pre-season we
could see that there were some things about both
teams which indicated
solid potential.  In addition to
everything they’d both had in their arsenals in terms
of talent, they both displayed a gruff disposition
against all foes.
2013:   Two Engines That Could- Teaneck Vs Paramus
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During this matchup the crowds didn’t warm the benches too much because they spent most of their time standing on their feet. There
were plenty of exciting plays as each team fought for the win. In the end, the Spartans boarded the bus with a win and the Highwaymen
looked forward to the following week’s game. Interestingly enough, the Spartan doggedness took them all the way to
Giants Stadium to
play against Pascack Valley.

As for the Highwaymen, they may have a championship in them yet. They certainly know how to gather the right ingredients now they’ve
just got to mix em together so as to get the right outcome.

Game Shots have been posted
Flashback to 2012 in New York City's Yankee Stadium:  The
Dutchmen of Erasmus hall have been knocking on the doors of the
championship for some years now.

During those forays to the throne they'd been thwarted by a
number of factors but 2012 was the year when victory would be

So, take a look back with us as we cover the game with all of it's

And if you really look close enough you'll really see the
story is seen in the eyes !
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In the summer’s sweltering heat, It didn’t matter how big the obstacle was in front of either team, they showed up mentally play after play
and their tenacity was noteworthy. So it was certainly going to be interesting to see how these two would face off against each other.
2014  TJFL Ready Prep For Season
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Football fans across the country are used to seeing players add pink accents to their uniforms each October, all in support of the fight against breast cancer.
On the other hand, it's a little less common to see girls dressed in pink playing football. Of course, that's not the case in Teaneck, New Jersey.
Every year, the township's girls suit up in pink to play several charity football games with proceeds being donated towards the fight against breast cancer.
This year's game was the 6th annual game and was organized by the high school's H.E.A.L. Organization with local businesses lending financial support to the popular event.
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As expected enthusiasm, ran high
amongst the young athletes, which
was to be expected.
After all, the girls wait a whole year to
step onto the playing field and they
show up preloaded with plenty of

One thing which was different this
year was the size of crowd which
attended the game.
While the game has always been well
attended by families and classmates
of the girls, this year's crowds were
noticeably larger.

 2015 Pep Rally Bonfire  !!!   
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The evening is capped off with a trot out into the cool evening fall air where everyone gets warmed by the heat of the large bonfire which is lit
and monitored by
Teaneck's  fire  and police departments.

Even though the results of the next day's  classic game against
Hackensack, wasn't  so sunny, the seniors had a chance to enjoy one last pep
rally while embracing their former classmates who've moved onto the next phase in their lives!

We've posted the images Or, you can  can see the video as well
The Highwaymen of Teaneck New Jersey can always  be counted on to throw a
great pep rally. Truth be told, these road warriors can't wait to celebrate. And
why not, since they're so good at it ?  This year's event had to go down in the
record book for the northern New Jersey natives since they got a special treat
during the late fall event. The already jovial crowd became electrified when two
staff members treated the student body to an impromptu dance.
teaneck teens at pep rally with dj silly string and confetti, teachers dancing the naenae,nae nae,cool teens wearing sun glasses,teens wearing popular fashion,teens playing popular music,www.footballshooters.com
The DJ dropped the needle on Silento's  song;
Watch Me and the crowd went wild. Then,when they realized that Mrs Miller
and Mr Book were going to dance for them,they simply lost their minds! ( in a
good way).

The gymnasium was full of the entire student body, staff, alumni and a healthy
dose of parents. As is the tradition before the Thanksgiving Day parade and
football game, the  annual event serves as a meeting place for Highwaymen
who'd attended the school decades ago !
It doesn't matter what you expect to do on Thanksgiving Day morning in
Teaneck, if you were within earshot of Cedar lane or Queene Anne
Road you were treated to an early morning performance. Neighbors
from around town gathered along the sidewalks to watch The
Hackensack High school marching Bands strut their stuff!

As is  usual, the Bands along with full compliments of twirlers and
cheerleaders met in the large parking lot of Cedar lane's
CVS. Right on
cue, Teaneck's Twirlers led both schools out onto the street and
towards the High school for the classic football game between the

Event shots have been posted !!!
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Summer Sizzler    
We're taking a look back at last summer's 7 on 7
battle at Hasbrook Heights.  On a deceptively hot day several North Jersey teams
launched their air squadrons against each other in preparation for
the upcoming season.

Speedsters on both sides of the ball got a chance to run through their paces. For some,
it was a return to a familiar setting. While, for tenderfoot players it was totally new.

Some schools, which shall remain unnamed, showed a clear pad-less  dominance  which  
was sure to be just as evident  when they strapped on the armour!
new jersey high school marching band,teens celebrating with confetti  and silly string and noise sticks and air horns,popular teen wearing popular sunglasses in shool,www.footballshooters.com
Looking for some early fall excitement?

No need to go on a fishing expedition since September is a very special time for
the Highwaymen of Teaneck. After Enjoying  a summer break the entire student
body comes together, usually in the first week back, to cheer for all of the fall
sports teams.

Of course this includes the football team who'd just wrapped up a summer filled
with two-a-days, weight lifting and scrimmages.

You can bet that last September was no exception for the blue road warriors.
Classrooms were pretty quiet as the entire student body converged on the gym
to celebrate what it means to be highwaymen!

Of course right out in front of the whole crowd leading the celebration  were the
cheerleaders, twirlers and the marching band .

Event shots have been posted
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In one of the more recent email's which we have received,  a site visitor said, “It’s never too late to create a new
memory with an old image.”

Well spoken, we heartily agree. It’s with that in mind that we take a look back to 2005 at a tough match up between
The Rhode Island Intensity and the visiting New York Sharks. First off, Intensity was a very accurate name to describe
the gals who hail regions northeast of New York City. While Intensity is a perfect adjective to describe all of the women’
s football we’ve ever covered, the Rhode Island team had that particular quality in Spades!

This game, which was played on May 14, was a road game for the Sharks. So they had to shuffle north up route 95
for the coin toss. Spring can be a funny time of the year, especially when winter hasn't fully released its icy grip on the
weather. So, while the sun did make some occasional appearances, there was a definite chill in the air.  Truth be told,
the weather was more like a fall day which was perfect for playing this game.  

Now while the intensity had a relatively nice sized crowd, the Sharks had a comparatively nice number of fans who
made the trek northbound to give their support.

The fact is that this was a very lopsided game with the Sharks dominating most of the game. Yet once you got past
the scoreboard, one couldn’t help but to be amazed at the way the Intensity played the game. Coaches constantly
teach their players to play hard, from whistle to whistle. That’s just how Rhode Island played this game. These ladies
ran every play with all of the heart and hustle that comes from playing the game with pride. We were truly amazed to
see that they played hard literally right up to the very last whistle of the game!
Game shots have been posted
Rhode Island Vs Sharks- By  The Quarter Coverage
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If anyone ever wondered if a girl’s football league
would succeed in New York City just a few years ago,
they can rest assured that they have nothing to worry
about. They Have nothing to worry about because, not
only is girls flag football surviving in the Big Apple, but
it’s growing at an unprecedented rate!

Proof of that could have been easily seen as well over
100 girls met last week in the Bronx for the PSAL’s
annual pre-season flag football clinic/ tournament. It
quickly became evident that the sport is bursting at the
seams as you pulled up the field see a vibrant sea of
different colored uniforms scurrying around the field
doing pre-game warm ups.

After a long off-season you can believe us, these girls
are ready to play! More than a few of these athletes
are going to hit the field with mid-season performance
levels. All of these factors should contribute to making
this the best seasons ever in girl’s football inside of the
Big Apple.
Of course, the day began with basic football drills and

Surprisingly, unlike past years, the girls chewed
through these exercises with ease and excitement.
These young ladies know how to do everything which
this game requires and they do it with a familiarity that
is mind boggling!

As we stood amongst the teams, who chewed their
way through each other en-route to a win, we couldn't
help but to wonder just how spectacular this season
would be. We don’t know for sure.
But when it starts on such a high level, it can’t go
anywhere but up !
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Either way, the 2005 Highwaymen usually got the job done . Taking a look at this Montclair pre-season  prep scrimmage, all of these northern New Jersey teams can
be seen trotting out their heavy big dogs at this scrimmage thrown by the Mounties. The theme of the day was real estate, real estate, real estate! Everybody wanted
to get as much gridiron property as they could get.  Pascack Valley and Old Tappan were also at the table dishing punishment every bit as good as they got.   While
the stats weren’t being tallied, all of these teams were playing to let their presence be know!
Ask any coach and he’ll tell you that from year to year the
personalities of teams change. While the offenses,defenses and
uniforms pretty much stay the same, the drive, force and persona
of teams makes definite shifts from season to season based on
the several factors. For the Highwaymen of Teaneck, 2005 could
certainly be called the Days Of Thunder !

The 2005 team were the progeny of the 2004 squad, which were
a rugged bunch themselves. The 2004 team, in particular, had a
very stingy defense. On the "D" side of the ball they were loaded
with the perfect combination of  speedsters and pile drivers. This
was something which contributed heavily to some very
unexpected victories against some very worthy adversaries!On
the Offensive side of the pigskin both the 04 and the 05 team
suck up more solid real estate than any wall street tycoon and
they could do it very quickly.

Then again,  the playing qualities of the 2005 team which are
most memorable are the offensive storm which they could hit you
with. They might roll thunder at you in the form of bruising ball
carriers who ran straight at defenders to tenderize their resolve.
Then again, they could run around you with a hand full of speedy
backs that were capable of turning on the jets and leaving
pursuers chasing downfield.
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